At Nonprofit Megaphone, we are honored and humbled to work for such amazing organizations. We want to take a moment in each newsletter to share more about the mission and work of one of our clients. This month, we would like to introduce you to Handspun Hope, an organization providing holistic support to Africa’s poorest women and their families through job creation, community building and spiritual counsel.

In 2002, Handspun Hope (formerly True Vineyard Ministries) Founder and Director Diana Wiley felt the call to rescue women from the trappings of poverty in different parts of Africa after hearing a message in her church. Her desire and inspiration grew as she gained knowledge, visited the country of Rwanda and saw first-hand the tragedies to women caused by the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. As a result, Handspun Hope officially formed in 2007 and participates with local churches, organizations and leadership to give Rwandan women the opportunity to be educated and provide sustainable income and opportunities for their families.

Handspun Hope offers many points for connection for everyone to participate in helping Rwandan women become independent and financially stable. Currently, Handspun Hope employs over 120 at-risk women in Northern Rwanda. These women create beautiful organic yarn from the flocks of Merino sheep and German Angora rabbits. Donors can participate by joining the prayer teamjoining the community of knitters and yarn enthusiastsbecoming a sponsor of one or more of the Rwandan women, as well as donating to help provide for their animals and their educational system. Handspun Hope also oversees the Hope Artisan Collective, a collection of beautiful products from Rwandan artisans and cooperatives. The Hope Artisan Collective is a great way for all people to participate in the mission of Handspun Hope through purchasing their sustainable, ethically-sourced, fair trade products.

When Handspun Hope began to pursue using the Google Ad Grant program in the spring of May, 2019, they knew they would need help obtaining the grant as well as managing their ads. After some internet research comparing competitors, they chose NPM because of its transparency and the level of support we offered. NPM provided insight that helped them streamline their organizational structure and website, making it more effective to utilize the Google Ad Grant. According to Diana, all of this was made possible due to a fantastic relationship with their Grant Manager and NPM.

Nonprofit Megaphone is thrilled to partner with Handspun Hope in their work to rescue, teach, and empower many of Rwanda’s impoverished women.