Five minutes into listening to one of Leah Richeimer’s shows, and you will discover her passion for couples and for long-lasting relationships. Her incredible kindness, witty humor, and upbeat personality shines through, not only in her podcasts, but in spending just a few moments with her. In two words – it’s inspiring!

Ladies Talkshow founder and host, Leah Richeimer, is a relationship expert and author who is passionate about relationships that are not only fulfilling, but continually growing and improving. Donating her time and effort to this cause, she conducts a weekly video show that can be viewed in real time or at any time that is convenient for her viewers. These weekly shows, including titles like –  “A Wife’s Power During Lockdown,” or “Comedy Hour: Anger Management” – provide a wonderful opportunity for women to be encouraged to continue to put the work into their own marriage every day.

While there are many stories of how they are helping women every day, one specific story stood out to Leah. Recently, a woman reached out who was feeling very lonely in her marriage. After a short conversation with Leah, she realized she wasn’t a victim to her husband’s neglect and that there is always something a woman can do.  After Leah gave her a list of ten things to try, the woman said she has more hope in her life than she has had in years.  A simple email one month later said, “nothing’s perfect, but definitely better each week.”

Since NPM partnered with them back in December, 2019, Leah characterizes the difference from before NPM and after NPM as “through the roof!” Their ads have been seen over 130,000 times in the last three months. She also said that they were getting a few hundred hits to their website a month, and now they are getting almost 200 clicks per day. In the last month, they had over 5,598 clicks. It’s truly amazing! This is the most they have ever seen, and a lot of this success is a direct result of 1) having great website content and 2) carefully crafted Google Ads.

NPM is thrilled to partner with Ladies Talkshow for the months and years to come!