Increase Your Clicks With Content

Supercharge your Google Grant performance by providing searchers with the content they are looking for. We create content designed to receive significant amounts of additional traffic via Google Ads.

Our Content Add-On includes one SEO-Optimized article (700-1400 words) each month for you to post on your blog. Our writers will conduct the keyword research, write the article, and make requested changes.

The Power of Promotable Content

Youth Development Client Drives >80% Of Google Grant Clicks From NPM-Written Content Within First 6 Months

  • A youth development organization was excited to leverage the Google Grant, but lacked the necessary website content to be successful.
  • We researched topics related to the organization’s mission and wrote broad, approachable content addressing those areas.
  • Within 6 months, the Google Grant ads promoting those newly written articles accounted for over 80% of the overall Google Grant traffic and success.

Content Examples

The Art and Science of Ballet Choreography
How Esports Is Becoming More Accessible for All
How Screen Time Affects Your Eyes

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