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Life in the military requires frequent moves, which can make it difficult for military spouses to find meaningful careers. Nonprofit Megaphone understands the need for portable and flexible careers and proudly supports
military spouse employment.

Learn more about the Hiring Our Heroes #DiscoverTheTalent initiative here!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement

Nonprofit Megaphone is a company founded on the principle that we should welcome all cultures, beliefs, faith traditions, and values. We are delighted to work with people from all of these different backgrounds as both employees and clients.

We have a wide variety of perspectives and experiences on our team, and we celebrate this diversity. This means that, for any given issue that you might feel strongly about, there are likely:
  1. People on the team at NPM who strongly agree with your point of view
  2. People on the team at NPM who strongly disagree with your point of view
  3. Clients of NPM who strongly agree with your point of view
  4. Clients of NPM who strongly disagree with your point of view

This is intentional. Our desire to create a diverse community means that individuals will almost certainly both agree and disagree on a variety of topics. No matter the disagreement, we treat each other with courtesy, empathy and respect. We view this diversity of viewpoints as something very valuable to our culture, and something that needs to be protected and affirmed.

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

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