At  Nonprofit Megaphone, we are all honored and humbled to work for such amazing organizations. We want to take a moment in each newsletter to share more about the mission and work of one of our clients. This month, we would like to introduce you to Hillcrest Hope, an organization celebrating over 40 years of providing housing and stability to those in need.

When you talk with Rachel Hollinberger, Program and Marketing Director for Hillcrest Hope, you can hear the excitement in her voice about the work that they are doing at Hillcrest to help homeless individuals and families in crisis.

Reaching the communities near Kansas City, Hillcrest Hope offers a variety of services to struggling families until they can stand on their own. Their three programs include Hope Essentials, two Clay County housing sites with the capacity to serve 21 families at one time; Hope Opportunities, an incentive-based support program for graduates; and Hope Solutions, an eviction prevention program.

In addition to their programs, the Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store is an integral part of their mission. All proceeds from the Thrift Store support their programs, and donations to the store directly help the families in need during their stay at Hillcrest Hope as well as upon graduation when they are seeking their own housing. NPM has seen tremendous success in promoting the Thrift Store through Google Ads, bringing greater awareness to the programs at Hillcrest Hope.

NPM and Hillcrest began a partnership in the fall of 2019 when we reached out to them through one of our marketing emails. Our email came across their desk just after they learned that the individual who was managing their Google Ad Grant in-house would be leaving, and they knew it was time to reach out!  The successes they have seen in the months thereafter have been phenomenal.

At NPM, we love to hear real stories as a result of our ads, and Rachel shared the following story about Mike:

“We had a gentleman reach out to us who found us by searching Google Ads. He lived out of our county, so we actually encouraged some closer opportunities. But he continued to engage in conversations with us and became interested in our budget counseling opportunities. He started working with us and now drives 30 to 45 minutes to volunteer because of an ad he found online! He is now a committed donor and budget counselor and is looking for more ways to help our families.”

Because Hillcrest Hope is very multi-faceted, working with NPM made it possible for them to acquire insight into how their ads were really performing. Entrusting us with their information to create successful ads enabled them to reach a much wider audience. According to Rachel, “We are able to reach such a larger number of people that need help. This fulfills our mission completely.”

We feel privileged to work alongside Hillcrest Hope to help be a catalyst in fulfilling their mission and give hope to those in need throughout Kansas City. We look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.