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“I really enjoy working with the people at Nonprofit Megaphone. They do an excellent job of managing our Google Grant campaigns. And we are very pleased with the results. Thank you!”

Terry Gillihan Kovach, Kendal at Oberlin

Why Heath Nonprofits Succeed

Why We Care

We asked our team why they were passionate about Health. Responses included:

Supporting our bodies, minds and spirits is essential to our well-being.

My youngest brother has Down Syndrome, so health and medicine have always been important and deeply personal for our family. The work we do for our clients in this space can so often be tied to literally saving or transforming lives, which is the most rewarding thing in the world for me to see.

Education and knowledge are so important for health outcomes, and it’s an honor to help educate audiences and help connect them with nonprofit organizations who can help with so many of their needs.

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