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“NPM probably hears this all the time but we are too busy to manage AdWords and the Grant in-house. We’ve always known the value of the Grant but didn’t have the manpower needed to manage it well. NPM knows the tips, tricks, and the intricacies of AdWords which took our account to the next level.”

Kyle Deery, U.S. Masters Swimming

Why Sports & Athletics Nonprofits Succeed

Why We Care

We asked our team why they were passionate about Sports & Athletics. Responses included:

As a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association and a certified official, I am a firm believer in sports for building community and inclusiveness. My circle of disc golf friends has been a tightly-knit network over the years and in my travels. There is something special about getting together with fellow discers who just want to throw and have a good time outside. Not only are you exercising and having fun, but you’re making friends for life.

Being involved in sports as a young person definitely defined who I was. I’m so thankful for the impact that athletics had in my life to develop discipline and self confidence. It’s imperative that these kinds of opportunities continue to be a big part in the nonprofit world for our young people today.

It’s a lifestyle choice. My family are sports fans, I have worked with professional sports teams and everyone I know is engaged in some sort of athletics for their enjoyment and health.

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