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The Nonprofit Megaphone Difference

Google Certified

We are one of only nine inaugural agencies in Google’s Ad Grants Certified Professionals program.

No-Risk Approach

With month-to-month pricing options that don’t require long-term commitments, we empower nonprofits to see real results from the Google Grant before committing.

Custom Power Tools

We have built a number of proprietary tools to make our Grant Managers even more effective in optimizing your Google Grant.

Why We Started
Nonprofit Megaphone

Struck by the power of the Google Ad Grant, we wondered why more nonprofits were not utilizing it. We surveyed hundreds of organizations and found that 75% of eligible nonprofits either had not heard of or were not currently using the Google Grant. This means tens of thousands of organizations are missing out on millions in free online ad budget.

We are here to change that.

Reviews from Clients Across the Globe

Your customer service is amazing. I really feel like we are your only clients. Your expertise is also incredible. And the dashboard you make available makes it so easy to digest the information.

Paula Mattison, Prevent Child Abuse America

We get great service from NPM, which gets better and better throughout the course of the relationship. As they get to know our organization, they learn what messaging works to attract more and more people to our sites. 

Greg Neumann, Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Thus far very satisfied with staff support. Very prompt, friendly, positive responses to all my inquiries.

Guy Vaccaro, Society of the Divine Word - Chicago Province

Great company to work with. I was skeptical about my non-profit organization’s ability to get qualified for a Google AdWord Grant and then to sustain it and maintain the required click through rates. But Nonprofit Megaphone made it easy and relieved all my stress at an affordable price. I’m now extremely happy with the results of our multiple Google AdWord Grant campaigns. I can’t recommend Nonprofit Megaphone enough. I’d give them 6 stars if that was an option!! – Facebook Review

Matt Bach, Michigan Municipal League

Great organization and really insightful when it comes to Google Ads! They have helped us clean up our Ads strategy and are really responsive! – Facebook Review

Ian McKay, Liberty in North Korea

We have been working with NPM for just over two years now, and our results are absolutely incredible!

Previously we were working with a marketing firm that was unaware of the Google Grant opportunity, and was producing lackluster results for our website.

Within the first year of working with the team at NPM we increased our performance more than tenfold, at a large cost reduction.

Worth. Every. Penny. Spent!

Facebook Review

Marketing Team, Montgomery Place

So far our experience at America’s VetDogs has been great. A very helpful and knowledgeable team that has been wonderful to work with. Their reports are thorough and they take the time to walk us through each section with care and thoughtful insight. – Facebook Review

Andrew Rubenstein, America's VetDogs

Nonprofit Megaphone has been tremendously helpful in promoting the ministry of Paul David Tripp. As a 501(c)(3), we are eligible for Google Grants, and we had been sitting on a goldmine for years and not doing anything about it. Until we found Nonprofit Megaphone. We didn’t have the bandwidth to manage it ourselves, and their team took the lead from the word go and produced amazing results, well above our expectations. They are professional, prompt, and a joy to work with. We couldn’t endorse them enough! – Facebook Review

Ben Fallon, Paul Tripp Ministries

Nonprofit Megaphone has done great work for our organization helping us to leverage our Google Ad Grants and reach a larger audience. They have truly exceeded our expectations and gone above and beyond to help us. I highly recommend them to other nonprofits out there! – Facebook Review

Kerry Rodgers, Give A Day Global

We’ve been working with Nonprofit Megaphone going on three years now and I cannot say enough good things about how happy we are at Wellfield Botanic Gardens with both the results AND the high quality customer service they provide. As a not-for-profit, our Mission and beliefs extend far beyond the bottom line to the people and the community we serve, but of course we have to function as a business with respect to finances. Partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone helps us achieve BOTH aspects at the same time. The improved google positioning, increased attention that our individual campaigns are receiving, and the solid management of our google grants (which we simply do not have the staff capacity to do) are all factors that continue to play into our wise business decision to work with them. – Facebook Review

Eric Garton, Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Nonprofit Megaphone has provided our organization, Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton with exemplary service managing our Google Adwords Account. We’ve seen maximum growth to our campaigns and we’ve enjoyed the overall experience working this amazing company. Their staff is friendly and very attentive. NPM gets a 5 Star rating from our organization. – Facebook Review

John Bynum, Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton

Nonprofit Megaphone is an absolute joy to work with. In addition to consistently clear and regular reporting updates and their conscientious team, we at COPD Foundation have been incredibly pleased with our results and how our grants are being managed. They are truly knowledgeable in this arena, offering ideas and solutions that add value. We are a very happy customer and look forward to watching the company continue to grow. – Facebook Review

Jamie Lamson Sullivan, COPD Foundation

I highly recommend Nonprofit Megaphone! They are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, courteous and efficient. We made the right choice to work with them this year. – Facebook Review

Fa'iz Rab, Nebraska Children's Home Society

NonProfit Peeps…let me start by explaining that I have a non-sexual crush on Grant (NPM’s founder) as well as everyone I have met within the organization. While we already had a Google Grant on our own before we spoke to them, I wish I had them handle that for me as it would have been one more great experience to add to the list.

Prior to engaging with NPM we interviewed a few other companies and ultimately went with them. From day one, they have made sure that we were happy with our decision.

I wish all my vendors/engagements were this easy….

If you find yourself in need of the various services they offer…I can’t see you making a bad decision choosing NonProfit Megaphone!

Facebook Review

Dan Strollo, In Control Family Foundation

I use Nonprofit Megaphone through my employer and appreciate how involved their team is—to the degree you’re comfortable with. Outside of regular check-ins and reports, you’re always free to contact them at any time with the knowledge that it’ll be a fast turnaround time. They are transparent in why the results happen and what you can do to better the experience.

I love that there’s also a trial period for you to make sure they are the right fit. Not all companies take the time to do so. I’m still a novice with certain types of analytics and they know how to explain what you’re seeing regardless of skill level. It’s a great team that you can tell is passionate about their work and the organizations that hire them. – Facebook Review

Fetesha Downs, YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago

We’ve had a very positive experience working with NMP. We were in a crunch with our Google Grant not performing to google’s new click through rate minimum standard. They quickly jumped in and optimized our account and it’s now performing better than it ever has. – Facebook Review

Jason Dobrolecki, Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Houston

Google Ad Grants for nonprofits represent a huge opportunity to help spread the word about your cause.

Unfortunately you need to be a rocket scientist these days to effectively manage your grant, let alone get the results you dream of. Enter Nonprofit Megaphone!

For years we struggled to get the results we desired, but now with NPM as a partner we have the expertise and support to both manage and maximize our grant dollars to ensure that we are targeting the audiences we need to reach.

Facebook Review

Ashley Johnson, The Greenlining Institute

Very friendly staff, results oriented, and working towards a good cause. What more could you want?  Facebook Review

Victoria Cubbon, Veterans Transition Network

Nonprofit Megaphone has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve greatly increased the results of our Google Ads account and freed up so much of our time. The NPM team has been quick to respond to our requests, and our account managers are very professional. Very happy with the service we’ve received. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. – Facebook Review

Sam Cox, YMCA of Columbia-Willamette

I really enjoy working with the people at Nonprofit Megaphone. They do an excellent job of managing our Google Grant campaigns. And we are very pleased with the results. Thank you! – Facebook Review

Terry Gillihan Kovach, Kendal at Oberlin

Nonprofit Megaphone are the leaders in Google Grant management for nonprofits. 100% Recommended, 100% Trusted and they 100% Know Their Stuff. If you are a nonprofit with a web presence give these guys a call. Top Quality Service, Affordable Pricing. – Facebook Review

Chad Johnson, Re-Store Warehouse

Non Profit Megaphone has been a huge asset to our non profit. They are professional and thorough. We have seen our exposure increase which directly affects our bottom line and the impact we have on our community. If you are struggling to take advantage of the free Google Grant, you need Non Profit Megaphone! – Facebook Review

Bill McMillan, Re-Store Warehouse

I did a lot of research before selecting Nonprofit Megaphone to administer our Google Grant. What a great decision! They have been a breeze to work with, totally responsive to every suggestion, and completely transparent both in how things work and what they are doing on our behalf.

Our personal ad manager is also deeply knowledgable about our particular industry and our ads are infinitely better because of it. I would recommend them highly and without reservation.

Anne Robertson, Massachusetts Bible Society

I highly recommend Nonprofit Megaphone. Everyone I have interacted with at NPM has been awesome! They have done an amazing job for the Countryside Chamber of Commerce. We have seen concrete results directly related to the work Nonprofit Megaphone as done for us. Our exposure and click-through rates have skyrocketed all because of NPM. They help me do my job better but increasing our internet exposure which helps all the members of my organization. I cannot say enough great things about the people I have worked with especially Amber, Jade and Kathi! – Facebook Review

Maureen Blaber, Countryside Chamber of Commerce

Every staff member at NPM with which Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) has worked has had passion, energy and knowledge about the Google Adwords Grant program. They have shown their skills in adapting to changing requirements, building targeted ads based on a broad array of keywords and focuses. Before using NPM, CARE was using only a few hundred dollars of its Ad spend, but now we’ve seen tremendous growth in our website traffic and CTR. – Facebook Review

Ian Redman, Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE)

I highly recommend Nonprofit Megaphone. First of all, because they do what they say they will do and they do it well. Secondly because what they do works. Finally, because it is cost-effective. The combination of a good product, good customer service, and it all at a price that is reasonable is what makes their services perfect for our not-for-profit. I offer my recommendation without hesitation or reservation. – Facebook Review

Jeff Guenzel, ICDL

Nonprofit Megaphone’s staff are skilled, results-driven, reliable, and quite friendly. It is not often you find a company who executes reliably and efficiently and is also a joy to work alongside. They have brought loads of traffic to our website, helped us optimize our SEO, increased our Google Search ranking, and brought lots of laughter through monthly phone calls. Don’t hire anyone else. You will find the results you need and the partnership you want in this company. – Facebook Review

Charles Randall Breland, Crossings Ministries

So easy to work with and such a fantastic service that I’m kicking myself for not working with them sooner. The insights we get are absolutely invaluable and everyone on staff is lovely. Can’t say enough good things about them! – Facebook Review

Kate Viana, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

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