Running a successful nonprofit organization requires accomplishing a long list of goals. From delivering services to fundraising, cultivating partnerships and collaborations, developing marketing and communication strategies, managing finances, and so much more. Nonprofits have a lot to deal with, and limited resources. 

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of a nonprofit organization’s marketing. It provides organizations with a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience, measurement tools for data-driven decisions, and a driver for online engagement. 

Many nonprofit organizations utilize Google Ad Grants and Microsoft Advertising Grants, which provide eligible organizations with in-kind funding to boost their reach online. Google offers up to $10,000 per month in ad spend, allowing nonprofits with smaller budgets to punch above their weight when bidding on high quality searches. However, many nonprofits struggle to maximize their use of the grant, with the average organization spending less than 10% of it monthly. 

Pitfalls of Delegating Grant Management Internally

Nonprofits work diligently to make the most of their resources, which often means employees handling multiple responsibilities. All too often, nonprofit staff are spread thin, forced to focus on widely varied tasks and unable to fully specialize in or provide appropriate focus to most of them — all despite the overwhelming evidence that multitasking is more myth than reality

With this constant focus on minimizing overhead and maximizing funds in the field, many nonprofits wonder if they can manage the Google and Microsoft grants internally: “How hard could it be?” 

To put it briefly, it’s a full-time job. While that may be possible for some organizations to hire for and handle internally, effectively doing so is probably unrealistic for most.

Continue reading to explore how working with a third-party specialist to manage your ad grants can make both your budget and your ads go further.

The Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party Manager for Your Ad Grant

A well-managed ad grant campaign can maximize your visibility, engage donors, and reach new supporters. Just as most organizations depend on other third parties like accountants and attorneys for their expertise, hiring a third-party manager for your Google and Microsoft Ad Grants gives your organization direct access to specialized knowledge at a fraction of the price of hiring a specialist internally.

For example, (and here’s where we proudly engage in self-promotion) a third-party manager with a deep understanding of Google and Microsoft Ad platforms, like Nonprofit Megaphone (NPM), will understand ad auctions, algorithms, search volume and patterns, and countless other variables, allowing NPM Grant Managers to effectively target and deliver ads that increase your online presence, drive website traffic, boost donations, and avoid common mistakes

Where the average nonprofit fails to capitalize on even 10% of the Google Grant’s available funds, a specialist knows how to make the most of every search at the lowest possible cost. Here are a few primary reasons nonprofits should consider hiring a third party to manage their Google and Microsoft ad grants.

1. Expertise and Experience

Third-party managers specialize in managing Google and Microsoft ad grants, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and proven strategies to your organization. While Google and Microsoft provide basic courses and resources, there’s no substitute for hands-on expertise. 

An experienced third-party manager has a deep understanding of the platforms’ policies, best practices, and optimization techniques. As a result, they can craft compelling ad campaigns, conduct thorough keyword research, and optimize accounts to increase performance and maximize the grant’s value. Their expertise ensures your campaigns stay competitive and reach as many potential donors and supporters as possible.

In addition to getting you the best possible results today, specialists have a finger on the pulse of the search market every day. Algorithm updates, new best practices, changes to content policies, and myriad more: a specialist in ad grant management can ensure you aren’t caught by surprise or left behind as digital marketing changes daily.

2. Compliance and Policy Adherence

Google and Microsoft Ad Grants have specific policies and guidelines that nonprofits must adhere to. Failure to comply with these policies can lead to the suspension or cancellation of a grant. Third-party agencies are well-versed in these policies and can ensure that nonprofits’ accounts remain compliant. They stay up-to-date with policy changes, adjusting campaigns and keywords as needed.

A single account issue can lead to all of an organization’s ads being suspended, costing you invaluable clicks every day until you can sort out the problem. Not only can a specialist help prevent this from occurring in the first place, but if they are from a Google Certified Partner agency, they have access to exclusive tools and channels for resolving any issues that do arise with Google directly. 

3. Time Efficiency

Managing Google and Microsoft Ad Grants requires a significant investment of time. It’s a full-time job, from setting up campaigns to optimizing ad copy, researching keyword volume and trends, strategizing and targeting, setting up and tracking conversions, and staying compliant with regular policy updates. And that’s just the basics.

A third-party manager devotes a team of professionals to ensure you get the most from your grants, allowing you to focus on your mission, and freeing your team up to do what they do best: making a difference!

4. Optimal Ad Performance

Third-party managers use their expertise to ensure your ads perform at their best. They optimize keywords, ad copy, and targeting to reach your ideal audience, increase click-through rates (CTR), and drive conversions.

Check out these case studies to see exactly how much a specialized team can help compared to internal ad grant management.

5. Strategic Targeting and Audience Reach

A third-party agency can help nonprofits understand the nuances of search marketing, develop a strategic plan, and reach the right audience effectively. They can conduct thorough research to identify the most relevant keywords, copy, and timing for your ads and campaigns, among countless other variables. This targeted approach ensures that nonprofits connect with the maximum number of searchers who are genuinely interested in their cause, yielding the greatest opportunity to gain new supporters.

6. Efficient Budget Management

Managing ad grants can be overwhelming for nonprofit teams, especially regarding budget management. Third-party agencies have the necessary tools and experience to handle budget allocation effectively. They can optimize campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) and help nonprofits make the most of their allocated funds.

Remember that 10% figure from before? Google makes up to $10,000 available to every nonprofit with an ads grant, but more than half of nonprofits struggle to spend even $1,000 of it. Of course, depending on your niche and reach, not every nonprofit can spend the full grant; however, a specialist in grant-funded advertising can ensure you reap every possible benefit of the grant and leave nothing on the table. 

7. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

Analyzing and interpreting the data from your ad campaigns is crucial to understanding and expanding their effectiveness. One of the key advantages of hiring a high quality third-party agency is their provision of constant monitoring and reporting. Through advanced data reporting and automations, a high quality marketing agency should have constant, granular insight into your ad performance and patterns.

Further, they should make sure that you have that information, too. Top specialist firms have custom reporting capabilities that allow you to check on the current and historical performance of your marketing at any time using detailed, intuitive dashboards.

Beyond influencing your ad management, these insights help nonprofits understand what people are looking for and which strategies are working. This information can aid data-driven decisions in matters within and beyond marketing.

Maximize Your Google and Microsoft Ad Grants 

Hiring a third party to manage your Google and Microsoft Ad Grants offers numerous advantages for your nonprofit organization. Leveraging the skills of a professional grant management organization like Nonprofit Megaphone maximizes the benefits of your ad grant at minimal cost, affording you greater resources for and focus on your mission. 

We’re proud to be a Google Premier Partner who’s helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations amplify their reach, drive website traffic, and boost clicks and conversions. Check out our case studies to learn more about our services, and connect with us today to learn how we can help equip your nonprofit to thrive!