Girls Who Code

As a tech-focused organization, utilizing the Google Grant was a natural fit for Girls Who Code. A nationally recognized organization, Girls Who Code empowers thousands of young women with tech and coding skills. Google Grant impact includes:

  • 28k+ avg. monthly ad impressions for Girls Who Code brand
  • 9.05% click through rate on ads
  • 23 active campaigns

Forgotten Children Worldwide

Forgotten Children Worldwide uses the Google Grant to share its message with a national audience in the United States on behalf of the children it serves across the globe. Google Grant results include:

  • 100+ daily new website visitors
  • 53% of all website visits from the Google Grant
  • 13 active campaigns
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“Every staff member at NPM with which Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) has worked has had passion, energy and knowledge about the Google Adwords Grant program. They have shown their skills in adapting to changing requirements, building targeted ads based on a broad array of keywords and focuses. Before using NPM, CARE was using only a few hundred dollars of its Ad spend, but now we’ve seen tremendous growth in our website traffic and CTR.” – Ian Redman, CARE (via Facebook)


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Why We Care

We asked our team why they were passionate about Youth. Responses included:

Children and youth are our future. If we don’t care for them, properly educate them, and make sure they know they are loved, we’re all in trouble.

Our family lived near a nonprofit organization that housed troubled teens, and it was during that time that I became passionate about what these kinds of organizations can do for our youth! I was able to work with this organization, teaching music and coaching volleyball, and my kids participated in many of their activities. We saw changed lives, futures made, and children and young people receiving love they never knew before!

Children are our future, and they are also the most vulnerable. I believe that children should never have to worry about food, shelter, or if they are safe. I am very passionate about bettering the lives of the neglected innocent children in the world. I believe it is my responsibility to help as much as I can in this field.

Starting when life begins until one becomes an adult, humans are completely reliant on their caregivers for everything. It’s a given that infants, children, and youth should be provided with the basic necessities for life but I also think it’s so important for these individuals to be shown love and compassion. I love that there are organizations out there committed to investing in these kids and giving them hope for the future!

It’s a given- youth are literally the future. I am passionate because I believe investing in our youth is a sure formula resulting a progressive & brighter future for all- regardless of age.


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