As Nonprofit Megaphone grows, we search the country for professionals who live our core values of Honorable, Gets Results, Go-Getter, Team Player and No Drama Llama. We are privileged to have a growing team of some of the best Google Ad Grant managers in the business.



Where I’m from: Chicago, Illinois.

Things I enjoy: Reading, krav maga, sports of all types.

Something interesting about me: I once wrote letters to all of the Fortune 500 CEOs asking for book recommendations…and 150 of them wrote back!

Why I love working with NPM: I get to work with very talented people to help organizations doing incredible work tell their stories online. What more could you want?

Nonprofits I support: Preemptive Love Coalition, Wheaton College, National School Project.



Where I’m from: Hartland, Maine. I’ve lived in Clarks Summit, PA, Chattanooga, TN, Fremont, NE, and now I live in Bailey, CO.

Things I enjoy: Playing disc golf, practicing and teaching canine massage therapy, being outside, hiking with the dogs, encountering wildlife, playing piano and cooking.

Something interesting about me: I’m a certified Canine Massage Therapist who also has a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, and I’m a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Why I love working with NPM: Nonprofit organizations have someone else’s best interest at heart, and I love being a part of making the world a better place.

Nonprofits I support: The Rescue Ranch, FurEver Home, Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee and Zuma’s Rescue Ranch.



Where I’m from: Although I am originally from the northeast (Massachusetts and New York), I moved to Florida in high school and that is considered my home base now. I am a military spouse and tend to move frequently, but I love having the opportunity to see so much of our country!

Things I enjoy: Exploring new areas, crocheting, woodworking, gardening, hiking, camping, reading, listening to podcasts, learning new skills, coffee, being outdoors, and making memories with my husband and three beautiful children.

Something interesting about me: I’m a DIY junkie and love learning how to make new things. I make my own soap, lotion, candles, herbal teas and tinctures, home decor, and furniture. I also love growing my own vegetables and try to set up a backyard garden wherever we live.

Why I love working with NPM: I am passionate about creating positive change in a wide variety of fields, and Nonprofit Megaphone gives me the unique ability to be involved in making a difference for so many great organizations all at once. Additionally, the NPM team is a group of talented, hardworking, go-getters and create an interesting and fun work environment. I am also grateful that the company is fully remote so I am able to take my work with me wherever the military sends us!

Nonprofits I support: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Team Rubicon, National Park Foundation, Dolphin Research Center, Sea Turtle Preservation Society.



Where I’m from: I grew up in Illinois. I now split my time between Illinois and Florida.

Things I enjoy: Collecting good memes, video editing, and learning Photoshop.

Something interesting about me: I worked at a nonprofit rape crisis center for 5 years as a Medical/Legal Advocate. I also worked in higher education as a Title IX Investigator and a Clery Act Compliance Coordinator.

Why I love working with NPM: It’s so fulfilling to help nonprofits gain more exposure for their amazing work and caring hearts. Also, NPM has a team of individuals who are passionate, fun, and love their jobs.

Nonprofits I support: St. Francis Care Animal Shelter, Hunter’s Village Rescue.



Where I’m from: Roseville, Michigan, but we move frequently thanks to the Air Force! I’m currently living down in Chugiak, Alaska.

Things I enjoy: Yoga, podcasts, exploring the outdoors with my husband and our dog Kona, cooking, fermentation, and video games.

Something interesting about me: I love learning how to cook foods from different countries and cultures. This leads to an interesting assortment of spices and ingredients in my pantry at any given time.

Why I love working with NPM: It’s wonderful to be part of a team that’s full of genuine and wonderful people, dedicated to supporting amazing nonprofits, and willing to support each other whenever needed. I also love that our team is constantly innovating and trying to find ways to do things better. And as a military spouse, the job can come with me wherever we go!

Nonprofits I support: Dogs on Deployment, The National Canine Cancer Foundation.



Where I’m from: I’m originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica but spent almost two decades living in the United Kingdom. I’ve also lived in South Korea and Spain. I currently live in Hampton, Virginia.

Things I enjoy: Learning new things, exploring new places with my husband, playing chase with my dog, woodworking, solving twisty puzzles, listening to audiobooks and music, watching anime and sci-fi movies, playing PC games, cosplaying, and so much more. I honestly cannot remember a time when I was bored.

Something interesting about me: I spent some months volunteering as a scuba diver and research assistant for a marine conservation laboratory in Jamaica. I logged over 150 dives and my deepest depth was over 100 ft. Fun fact – you can fall asleep underwater!

Why I love working with NPM: I love knowing that my work is contributing in some small way to the efforts of organizations that advocate for and positively impact the lives of people, animals, and the environment all around the globe.

Nonprofits I support: Reef Check, Habitat for Humanity, NAACP, Disabled American Veterans, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.



Where I’m from: I’m from the Portland, Oregon area, but have had many adventures while living in other cities, states, and countries.

Things I enjoy: I love spending time at the beach, encountering wildlife, reading, learning about all things veterinary, and learning things in general.

Something interesting about me: I have a doctorate in English literature, am trained in basic raptor handling, and believe there should be a regional art installation at each U.S. time zone marker.

Why I love working with NPM: I’m so glad to be able to support nonprofit organizations by doing things I already love: research, writing, and editing. I also love connecting daily with diverse, supportive, and civic-minded individuals all over the U.S.

Nonprofits I support: Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh Wildlife Rehabilitation, The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, WildCat Ridge Sanctuary



Where I’m from: I am originally from Wyoming, and have lived in Arkansas for many years.

Things I enjoy: I love vegetable gardening, trying new hobbies, and reading. Grace Livingston Hill, Cynthia Koelker, and Margaret Peterson Haddix are three of my favorite authors. I recently tried oil painting for the first time. Better not give up my day job.

Something interesting about me: I began my career as a chemical engineer. Gig ’em, Aggies!

Why I love working with NPM: NPM is an outstanding team! Helping nonprofits is a fantastic occupation.

Nonprofits I support: Some of the nonprofits near to my heart include Operation Underground Railroad, United Cerebral Palsy, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.



Where I’m from: Dayton, Ohio.

Things I enjoy: Video games, playing music, watching sports, discussing current issues on the front porch.

Something interesting about me: I once raised a division champion market lamb at the Miami County Fair.

Why I love working with NPM: The team is driven, supportive, and fun to work with.

Nonprofits I support: Ohio Humanities, The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.



Where I’m from: I’m originally from Roseville, CA. After moving several times, I’m proud to call Oregon my home!

Things I enjoy: Playing with my three dogs, interior decorating, gardening, playing tennis, antiquing, crafting, swimming, board games, and so much more!

Something interesting about me: In elementary school, I used to jump rope on a team called “The Pepper Steppers”. We would perform at schools and events for people!

Why I love working with NPM: I love that I am part of a great team of people helping nonprofits throughout the country find funding and support. My dogs like that I don’t have to leave our house to do it!

Nonprofits I support: ECAD, Handspun Hope, Arts of Life, Preemptive Love.



Where I’m from: I was born in London, UK but currently live in Tucson, AZ.

Things I enjoy: Listening to and playing music, motorcycles, hiking, traveling and exploring new places, finding new and interesting restaurants.

Something interesting about me: I play the french horn and dabble in the piano but used to play in a band that was crowned the National Champion Concert Band in the UK.

Why I love working with NPM: Nonprofit Megaphone gives me the opportunity to support nonprofits that are close to my heart alongside a wonderful team of people.

Nonprofits I support: The Dyslexia Foundation, St Jude, NPCA, WWF, The Wounded Warrior Project



Where I’m from: I’m originally from Tulsa, OK, but I currently reside in Shreveport, LA.

Things I enjoy: Spending time with my family, sports, being outside, movies.

Something interesting about me: I play the saxophone and performed in George W. Bush’s 2005 inaugural parade with my high school’s marching band.

Why I love working with NPM: I love being able to help nonprofits with great causes gain awareness and support!

Nonprofits I support: National Church Residences, Oklahoma Baptist University, Arms Around BA, Dayspring Villa, Baptist Mission Center, Food Bank of NW Louisiana



Where I’m from: I was born in Toronto, Canada but live in Orlando, FL.

Things I enjoy: Dance, time with friends, dogs, coffee, and trips to LA!

Something interesting about me: I have been teaching and choreographing dance for the past seven years. I previously worked at an animal shelter and adopted all my pups from local shelters!

Why I love working with NPM: Non-profit organizations are so important to communities. The NPM team is so passionate and strives to help nonprofits reach their goals!

Nonprofits I support: Second Harvest Food Bank, Amazing Animals Inc., Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida



Where I’m from: Waldoboro, ME but currently living in El Paso, TX.

Things I enjoy: Hiking, Crafting, Reading, Gardening, & Puppy Snuggles.

Something interesting about me: In graduate school, my side job was driving limos and town cars!

Why I love working with NPM: It is an honor to help nonprofit organizations spread the word about the good work they do in their communities and beyond. Also, it is hard to beat being part of a team you know is cheering you on every step of the way!

Nonprofits I support: St. Jude, National Science Teaching Association, Wreaths Across America.



Where I’m from: Halifax, Canada, but I currently live in Florida.

Things I enjoy: Spending time with my dogs, dancing, singing, reading mystery novels, making creative makeup looks.

Something interesting about me: I used to help organize the on-campus events at my university, and have met several famous musicians and comedians as a result!

Why I love working with NPM: It is such a welcoming work environment and I genuinely enjoy starting work each day. I also love that I am able to help nonprofits with their missions.

Nonprofits I support: Humane Society of Naples, ACLU, LGBT Life Center, Camelot Community Care.



Where I’m from: Missouri.

Things I enjoy: Reading, video games, dancing, playing piano and violin, languages, cooking/baking.

Something interesting about me: I passed the N5 Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

Why I love working with NPM: In addition to being part of an amazing team of people, I love getting to work with nonprofits and support causes that I truly care about.

Nonprofits I support: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Springfield Sister Cities Association, World Wildlife Fund.



Where I’m from: I’m originally from Virginia, but I’ve lived in a handful of places over the past few years. I’m fortunate to experience a new place every few years as a military spouse! We currently call Fort Leavenworth, Kansas home.

Things I enjoy: Traveling (especially to the Florida Keys!), spending time with my husband and dogs, following and supporting all things marine conservation, cheering on the Miami Hurricanes, (very) amateur disc golf, and trying new restaurants – I definitely consider myself a foodie!

Something interesting about me: My undergraduate major was in Modern Languages with a concentration in Spanish, and I actually lived in Costa Rica for a brief period during college. ¡Pura vida!

Why I love working with NPM: It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to work with many nonprofits with various focus areas and learn about many different causes. It is so meaningful and rewarding to be a part of something greater than myself.

Nonprofits I support: Reef Relief, Greyhound Pets, Inc., The Turtle Hospital, and National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network.



Where I’m from: Evanston, Illinois

Things I enjoy: Hiking, fostering dogs, road tripping, cooking, crafting, and pursuing the perfect cup of coffee!

Something interesting about me: Prior to NPM, I taught both English and Spanish in Madrid, Spain.

Why I love working with NPM: Every single NPM colleague and client has committed their life and work to helping others. There is such wonderful variety among the nonprofits we work with, and among NPM employees—but we all share the mission of community engagement and universal betterment.

Nonprofits I support: APAMAG, Asociación People, 826CHI, Howard Brown Health Center, All Breed Rescue.



Where I’m from: Cleveland, Ohio.

Things I enjoy: Reading, working out, being outdoors, all furry animals, cooking, and Cleveland sports.

Something interesting about me: I have a small friendly farm full of rescue animals we’ve had since they were weeks old.

Why I love working with NPM: I love working with people who are passionate about helping others and making the world a better place one day at a time.

Nonprofits I support: Compassion International, Rescue Village, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and Samaritan’s Purse.



Where I’m from: Queen Creek, Arizona.

Things I enjoy: Playing video games, going to the park with my son, movie nights with friends.

Something interesting about me: My first job was at Walt Disney World Resorts in EPCOT. While there, I worked as a volunteer and went to local schools to help the students prepare for cultural festivals.

Why I love working with NPM: Helping nonprofits make a difference in someone’s life is the most rewarding job I could imagine. If my efforts could help even one person, it’s worth it!

Nonprofits I support: Children’s Miracle Network, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation.



Where I’m from: Originally from Kansas City, MO; I’ve spent that last decade in California and recently decided to call Gold Beach, Oregon home!

Things I enjoy: Classic rock, Kansas City sports (Go Royals and Chiefs!), hiking, beach days, and dance. My greatest joy in life is spending time with my husband, our boxer, and our adorable baby girl.

Something interesting about me: I’ve been a dancer most of my life; I studied under various ballet companies as a teenager, performed on my college dance team, and danced with several companies throughout Los Angeles.

Why I love working with NPM: I love that I get to help nonprofits spread their message while working with such an amazing team of people!

Nonprofits I support:  The Superhero Project, Miracle Babies, March of Dimes, Melanoma Research Foundation, and Outpacing Melanoma.



Where I’m from: Born and raised in the Foothills of Colorado, I now reside in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Things I enjoy: Gardening, reading, listening to Podcasts, experiencing the arts in all its various forms, and doing genealogy.

Something interesting about me: I discovered that the last set of twins in my family, before mine, were born in 1707 to my 7th great grandmother in Oppland, Norway.

Why I love working with NPM: I love knowing that by working with nonprofit organizations I am contributing in some way to the enhancement of communities and individuals.

Nonprofits I support: National Wildlife Federation, Maddie’s Fight Foundation, Captains for Clean Water, and Moms Demand Action.



Where I’m from: North Carolina.

Things I enjoy: I enjoy art, traveling, and anything that lets me be outside. I love spending quality time with my family and friends, reading, and learning new things.

Something interesting about me: My boyfriend and I are currently chasing a nomadic dream. We purchased a camper and are traveling long-term!

Why I love working with NPM: I am so fortunate to work with people just as excited as I am to work together toward our goals of helping nonprofit organizations see greater success.

Nonprofits I support: Mooresville Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity.



Where I’m from: Wilmington, Delaware.

Things I enjoy: Reading, music, writing, Scrabble® and swimming.

Something interesting about me: I submitted a proposal to the Mayor of Wilmington, Delaware detailing why the city needed a new office to promote the city and why I should be the one to do it. It became the Office of Cultural Affairs, which I headed for eight years.

Why I love working with NPM: It provides a wonderful opportunity to use my skills to make a difference in world.

Nonprofits I support: Literacy Delaware, Habitat for Humanity, ACLU, Faithful Friends.



Where I’m from: Baltimore, Maryland originally, but now I live a little farther North in York, Pennsylvania.

Things I enjoy: Listening to music, reading, painting, spending time outside, being around animals, cooking, baking, and doing puzzles.

Something interesting about me: In my spare time, I paint pet portraits upon request. I’ve done portraits of everything from cats and dogs, to goats!

Why I love working with NPM: Everyone at NPM has a passion for working with nonprofits to help them achieve their goals and support them in any way we can. It’s incredible to be a part of such a motivated team.

Nonprofits I support: The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), The American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, Habitat for Humanity.



Where I’m from: I grew up in Florida but being a military spouse moved me to Silverdale, Washington.

Things I enjoy: Spending time with my husband, reading, hiking, playing piano, painting, and playing video games.

Something interesting about me: In college, I wrote my senior thesis on how moral competence differs in video game players and non-video game players.

Why I love working with NPM: I love being able to help nonprofits further their missions while working alongside our amazing NPM team!

Nonprofits I support: Jabs for Life, Travis Manion Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Wounded Warrior Project.



Where I’m from: Currently reside in Southern California.

Things I enjoy: Reading, cooking, traveling, day dreaming, and Netflix binging.

Something interesting about me: Born and raised in Canada and immigrated to the USA to be with my husband. Maple syrup runs through my veins and I miss my Tim Hortons coffee. It’s a-boot time they establish one in California, eh?

Why I love working with NPM: As someone with a Social Work degree, I love that I still can assist nonprofit organizations while working from home, alongside an amazing team!

Nonprofits I support: Assure Pregnancy Clinic, Compassion International, and more to come!



Where I’m from: New Jersey.

Things I enjoy:  Hanging out with friends, singing and playing piano, handmade art, food, music, staying active, shopping, and the beach.

Something interesting about me: I’m also in grad school for occupational therapy!

Why I love working with NPM: I love that our team’s priority is to empower and serve our clients, as well as each other. I’m constantly learning valuable skills and knowledge here, and at NPM people support each other and work hard to provide high quality services. It’s amazing to see the great results for so many nonprofits!

Nonprofits I support: Equal Justice Initiative, Nationalities Service Center, Feeding America, Compassion International.



Where I’m from: Omaha, NE

Things I enjoy:  Writing scripts for movies and TV shows, watching and playing sports (Go Big Red!), road trips, camping, and anything to do with my dog.

Something interesting about me: I was a talent escort for Shaq at the 2016 ESPYs, leading him through the entire event, and he referred to me as “his guy.” He was so nice and funny. Then I held Steph Curry’s ESPY.

Why I love working with NPM: Everyone truly wants to help make a difference for nonprofit organizations, but they are also so friendly and easy to get along with as co-workers.

Nonprofits I support: World Central Kitchen, Team Jack Foundation, Saving Shibas Inc.



Where I’m from: Des Moines, Iowa.

Things I enjoy:  Interior decorating, cooking, reading/writing poetry, painting, Sudoku, and anything/everything with my dogs.

Something interesting about me: I won a National Championship with my collegiate softball team in 2017! Also, my siblings and I are all left-handed, as well as about 80% of my extended family.

Why I love working with NPM: Nonprofits give society hope, take action on issues where most don’t know where to start, and inspire us to be better people! I’m so fortunate to be a part of helping nonprofits spread their missions.

Nonprofits I support: Concussion Legacy Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms, Free To Live Animal Sanctuary, ACLU.



Where I’m from: Round Rock, TX, but I grew up in AZ. I’ve lived in many different states, including Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma before moving to Texas.

Things I enjoy: Playing volleyball, hanging out with my family, being on the lake, reading great books, and anything music.

Something interesting about me: I have a degree in music education and I play the French Horn.

Why I love working with NPM: I love being part of a great team that has a great purpose for their work.

Nonprofits I support: World Team Missions, World Venture Missions, CRU, Barnabas Global Link, Inc., Compassion International.



Where I’m from: Boerne, Texas. However, I lived in Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington, before moving to Fairbanks, Alaska, where I currently live.

Things I enjoy: Reading, writing, cooking, walking with my dog, campfires, exploring new cities.

Something interesting about me: The coolest thing I’ve ever done was spend a summer working on an archaeological dig in Italy. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, and I’ve met Neil Gaiman in person.

Why I love working with NPM: It’s so fulfilling to me to be able to use my skills to support positive change in the world through nonprofits.

Nonprofits I support: Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Austin Pets Alive



Where I’m from: Augusta, Georgia.

Things I enjoy: Hanging out with my family and friends, cooking, watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Something interesting about me: My high school choral group won an actual Grammy, I am a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, and I got to be an audience member for Wheel of Fortune.

Why I love working with NPM: The people are amazing and I love that helping others is the primary purpose of the companies we work with.

Nonprofits I support: American Heart Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network, Goodwill.



Where I’m from: Knoxville, TN.

Things I enjoy: Reading, writing, hiking in the mountains.

Something interesting about me: I read on average 100+ books per year.

Why I love working with NPM: I get to work with people who are fantastically smart and kind, and know that my work with nonprofits makes a difference.

Nonprofits I support: Appalachian Voices, World Literacy Foundation, National Park Foundation, Imagination Library.



Where I’m from: I am from The Land of Lincoln, more commonly known as Illinois.

Things I enjoy: I love spending time with my children, volunteering, hiking, creative memory keeping, comedic endeavors and staying updated on the news. Sometimes the last two items on my list remarkably coincide with one another.

Something interesting about me: One of my past jobs was being a costume character and clown at children’s parties and events.

Why I love working with NPM: I love how NPM diligently works to make a difference for nonprofit organizations and does so in a quantifiable manner. It’s a beautiful blend of the heart and mind joining together for a meaningful purpose.

Nonprofits I support: There are so many phenomenal organizations I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with over time. Some of those near and dear to my heart include: The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, Different Brains, The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Franciscan Outreach, Sandyhook Promise, Ballet 5:8, Share Your Soles, Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts of the USA, and District 135 Parents for Education



Where I’m from: I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela! I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, two kids, and dog.

Things I enjoy: Traveling, baking bread, reading, knitting, hiking, listening to podcasts, drinking tea, and picnics.

Something interesting about me: I’m trilingual! I fluently speak English, Spanish, and Italian.

Why I love working with NPM: I love being a part of the process that helps connect people with a cause. I love working with a passionate team and knowing that my job makes a positive impact in the world!

Nonprofits I support: Our Giving Garden, Atlanta Humane Society, Chattahoochee Riverkeepers, and March of Dimes.



Where I’m from: I have lived in northern Virginia for the last 8 years, but I grew up in southern Virginia.

Things I enjoy: I enjoy spending time with my husband and three rescue cats, reading, writing creative non-fiction, interior decorating, and collecting antique and vintage books. On any given weekend you would likely find me rearranging my house or refinishing old furniture.

Something interesting about me: I danced from the time I was 5 years old through college. When the Moscow Ballet toured the US performing The Great Russian Nutcracker, I auditioned and was selected along with a small group of dancers to take part in their performances in my area. It was surreal getting to dance with a famous ballet company.

Why I love working with NPM: I have always wanted to feel that what I do is ultimately helping others in some way, so working with NPM is a dream come true. I feel so privileged to be able to help multiple nonprofits succeed.

Nonprofits I support: Friends of Homeless Animals, Land of Hope Nigeria, Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County, The American Heart Association, Friends of Bahia Honda State Park.



Where I’m from: I was born and grew up in Massachusetts, but moved to Kissimme, Florida, in 2014 and now reside in Gainesville, Florida.

Things I enjoy: Biking, reading, baking, and spending time with loved ones.

Something interesting about me: I once attended pastry school, and I know how to juggle.

Why I love working with NPM: Everyone is super friendly and looks out for each other. You can tell everyone cares about one another at NPM.

Nonprofits I support: Humane Society of North Central Florida, National Women’s Health Network.



Where I’m from: Peoria, Arizona.

Things I enjoy: Video games, Disney movies, graphic design, funny memes, listening to music and podcasts.

Something interesting about me: Starbucks paid for my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Technology. I earned this degree through their 100% online program in 2018.

Why I love working with NPM: I love knowing that I am part of a process that has a positive impact on so many great nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofits I support: Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society, Christina Grimmie Foundation, Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, World Wildlife Fund (WWF).



Where I’m from: We’ll call it a tie between Georgia and Alabama.

Things I enjoy: Visiting National Parks, making and eating desserts, Lego, categorizing and labeling, camping, taking care of others.

Something interesting about me: I have had dinner with former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter. It was surreal. I won an essay contest in college, and that was the prize!

Why I love working with NPM: The mission of this company is sincere, and the people care incredibly deeply. On top of that magic, we get to work with grassroots organizations doing fantastic work making our world a more equitable and comfortable place to live.

Nonprofits I support: Land Trust of North Alabama, Statesboro Food Bank, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, International Rescue Committee, Free Mom Hugs.



Where I’m from: I’m from Indiana. I have also lived in Florida, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, Hawaii, Virginia, Germany, and New York.

Things I enjoy: Traveling, snorkeling, reading, and Purdue basketball.

Something interesting about me: I have worked for nonprofits for the past 25 years. My most recent position was as Executive Director at Ulysses S. Grant Cottage State Historic Site.

Why I love working with NPM: I enjoy working with nonprofits and am excited to help them get additional exposure to fulfill their missions.

Nonprofits I support: The Turtle Hospital, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Friends of the Ulysses S. Grant Cottage, Purdue University.



Where I’m from: I am originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but have lived in Alexandria, Virginia for the last five years.

Things I enjoy: Reading, coffee, punk rock and playing music, the Lincoln Memorial, Detroit sports, comic books, and hiking with my dogs.

Something interesting about me: I was a Congressional Page in 2008. I attended school in the attic of the Library of Congress and worked in the House Cloakroom. I was on the House Floor for the Electoral College certification and attended President Obama’s inauguration, though I had more fun at the concert the day before.

Why I love working with NPM: It is amazing to have the ability to work with nonprofits that are making a real difference in the world and getting to learn from such a supportive team.

Nonprofits I support: Tegan and Sara Foundation, ACLU, NARAL, Phoenix House, Knock LA.



Where I’m from: I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, but I currently live in Columbia, Maryland.

Things I enjoy: Travel/exploring, hiking, reading, card/board games, cooking and baking, wake surfing, kayaking.

Something interesting about me: My first career was as an Intelligence Officer in the Air Force. One of my jobs was in a flying squadron that operated the U-2 spy plane.

Why I love working with NPM: The people on the NPM team are so incredibly supportive of each other and their clients, plus they are just fun to work with. NPM gives me a chance to do meaningful work to help lots of people and lots of worthy causes.

Nonprofits I support: USO, American Red Cross, Blossoms of Hope, Howard County (MD) Food Bank, American Thyroid Association, Paws to Read



Where I’m from: Southern California.

Things I enjoy: Sunsets, memes/GIFs/emojis, family time, thrifting, thunderstorms, small earthquakes, sleeping.

Something interesting about me: I didn’t go to traditional school as a kid; I was homeschooled PK-12!

Why I love working with NPM: It’s wonderful to see and be a part of the good being done in the world through nonprofits!

Nonprofits I support: Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, Amnesty International, Together Rising, Free Mom Hugs, Comfort Cases, ACLU.



Slater Snow is a blind, 13+ year old rescued Boston Terrier adopted from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee. He has been a loved, valued and priceless member of Amber’s household since 2011. His favorite pastimes include eating steamed carrots, going for long walks, raising awareness for special needs dogs, smelling the roses and catching as many Z’s as he can. You can usually find him holding down a couch or exploring the great outdoors with his fabulous sense of smell.