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UNCF is the nation’s largest and most impactful supporter of minority education, awarding over $100 million in scholarships to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) each year. UNCF’s efforts have impacted over 450,000 students since its founding.

UNCF partners with Nonprofit Megaphone to leverage their Google Ad Grant, creating campaigns that drive awareness for UNCF’s 37 member HBCUs, scholarship opportunities, and informational resources. As part of our “Enterprise” package (available to all clients), Nonprofit Megaphone also assists in creating optimized content for UNCF’s blog based on data on what visitors are searching for in Google Ads. This “closed loop” approach allows us to identify what information is desired, provide that information on UNCF’s website, and drive traffic to those new pages with additional ads. At time of writing those new blog posts have driven tens of thousands of incremental page views to UNCF’s site.

With a 75+ year history, UNCF has stayed true to its goals since the beginning but continued to evolve its approach as new technologies and opportunities become available. Nonprofit Megaphone is proud to partner with UNCF in lighting the way for dozens of HBCUs and tens of thousands of students, especially during the turbulent time after George Floyd’s death and the national focus on racial justice, driving over $38,000 in donations during the month of June, 2020. By utilizing the extra funding provided by Google and NPM’s expert grant management, they also saw over 12,300 visitors to their website as well as more than 330 new email subscribers. NPM is looking forward to continuing to partner with UNCF to create a more just and equitable society for all.

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