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Solar Sister envisions a brighter world powered by women entrepreneurs, and they drive impact by investing in women-owned clean energy businesses in off-grid communities. In sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 600 million people have no access to electricity and over 700 million must rely on harmful fuels, Solar Sister believes women are a key part of the solution to the clean energy challenge.

Solar Sister empowers African women with economic opportunity, providing essential services and training that enable women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses.


Before coming to Nonprofit Megaphone, Solar Sister was struggling to generate new website traffic with only 43 monthly clicks to their site. They were unable to take advantage of the Google Ad Grant due to the complexities and time constraints of Google Ad management.

Since the start of working with NPM in September of 2020, they have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to their website. Within four months, the clicks to their site had gone up to 1,790.

Solar Sister shared,

Since working with Nonprofit Megaphone, we have seen a huge increase in monthly clicks. Our average has increased by more than 3000%, and we have gotten as many as 2,322 clicks in one month. Many more new visitors are coming to our site. I was impressed to learn that 75% of the Ads that NPM posted are at the top of the Google search results in the first two or three slots. 

We’ve been impressed by the attentive service and willingness to provide information that helps us understand. This is one thing that made Nonprofit Megaphone stand out from others.


To date, over 7,000 Solar Sister Entrepreneurs have reached more than three million people with clean energy access. Products sold by Solar Sister Entrepreneurs have eliminated over 946,763 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. The training that Solar Sister provides gives women concrete tools to build their businesses and strategize.

The Google Ad Grant continues to bring increased awareness to their programs, and we are honored to partner with amazing organizations like Solar Sister. They remain dedicated to making an incredible difference for families in African communities while empowering women to light the way.

Other Case Studies


Rachel Joke Olakanye has run a successful tailoring business for over 20 years in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Ibadan, Nigeria. She has her own shop and mentors girls who are apprenticing to follow in her footsteps. As her solar business grew, Rachel and her Solar Sister Business Development Associate, Omotola Ajao, formed a bond and a friendship. Rachel has paid for her daughter’s fees at a teaching college in Lagos with the additional income from her solar business. She is also making long-needed repairs on her house.

Solar Sister provides 12 months of business training to each entrepreneur. As Rachel’s business grew, she was able to call on Omotola for advice and support. Rachel, in turn, teaches girls her trade and passes on her business knowledge. Investment in women is an investment in our shared futures for a brighter world.

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