Essential Partners

Build a Community Strengthened by Differences, Connected by Trust

The Challenge

Essential Partners struggled to connect the right audiences with the right information, resources, stories, and events on their website. They were looking for a partner to expand and manage their Google Ad Grant account to bring the people who were searching for their services to their website and, ultimately, affect change in their communities.

The Outcome

NPM took over their account in August, 2017, and within a month, their website traffic tripled as a result of restructured search campaigns. They continue to see to see nearly 2,500 visitors to their website each month.


 New Website Visitors Monthly


Average Click Through Rate


Impressions Monthly


Essential Partners has spent more than 30 years equipping communities to live and work better together by building trust and understanding across differences. NPM began managing the Google Ad Grant for Essential Partners in August, 2017, and since that time, they have had over a million impressions and utilized more than $355,000 of the Google Ad Grant funds.   

“NPM has been a great thought-partner as we redesigned and relaunched our website, helping restructure our campaigns to maximize our search traffic, addressing changes in Google search policies, and letting us track more goals. NPM has allowed Essential Partners to reach multitudes of people who would never have thought to look for us on their own.”

~Daniel Pritchard, Director of Strategic Communications

NPM is encouraged to see the specific results of clients like Essential Partners. Their CTR, Spend, and Conversions metrics show that they’re using the Google Ad Grant to reach out to key audience members. By engaging with these users, they grow their web presence and become available to the communities that need them!

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