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Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that is making a difference in the world through its mission to minimize the harmful impact of the global textile industry and maximize its positive effects.  They work tirelessly to fulfill this mission and now have staff and ambassadors in 11 countries and more than 25 countries represented as members.

In keeping with their mission,  Textile Exchange provides a wealth of information – helping companies take advantage of numerous opportunities, alerting them to adjusting requirements in textile sustainability, and helping the industry to create real and lasting change.  Partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone and taking advantage of the Google Ad Grant, Textile Exchange made huge strides in the amount of traffic that visited their website, adding an additional 9,600 people each month using the Grant.

Each of these new people then have the opportunity to learn more and engage with Textile Exchange in a wide variety of ways. Plus, this added exposure is a further incentive for the organization’s corporate partners to continue using organic and environmentally conscious materials. The people have spoken, and they are about their fabrics!

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