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National Sports Center The National Sports Center, also known as the world’s largest amateur sports facility, operates over 100 unique programs and events in a variety of sports. They also host many national and international competitions, drawing over 4 million visitors each year. 

The NSC has two missions. The first is to provide amateur sports opportunities to Minnesota residents. On an average day, there are 12 different programs and events taking place at the NSC and most are serving the local community. The second is to generate out-of-state economic impact through amateur sports events and programs. These special events generate over $83 million in annual visitor economic impact.

Nonprofit Megaphone is excited to partner with the NSC. The NSC is in its third year with NPM, taking advantage of their grant management expertise. Since joining with NPM, the NSC has had over 140,000 new visitors to their website and maintained a click-through-rate of 13.07%. NPM is proud to come alongside sports organizations such as the National Sports Center to advance their great mission!

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