Project Description

Marine Raider Foundation

Helping Those Who Have Sacrificed the Most

The Challenge

Marine Raider Foundation was seeking to secure the Google Ad Grant to expand its message to a wider audience, increase donations, and increase event participation.

The Outcome

Nonprofit Megaphone not only secured the Grant on their behalf but within 6 months, has increased clicks from 372 to 2,101 with a CTR of 14.17%. They also received 41 event-related conversions during a one-month period and had over 2,100 new website visitors that same month.




Click Through Rate on Ads




Marine Raider Foundation provides support to active duty and medically retired United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Raiders and their families, as well as to the families of Raiders who have lost their lives in service to our nation. Seeking to help these families with assistance for needs that are unmet by the government, they work to help Raiders and their families make a full reintegration following wounds, injuries, and extended deployments. 

The Marine Raider Foundation (MRF) utilizes four programs to help make their mission a reality. Through fundraisers and events offered throughout the year, they provide ongoing support to the MARSOC community with programs that include Raider Support, Family Resiliency, Tragedy Assistance & Survivor Support, and Raider Legacy & Preservation. Since May of 2012, the Marine Raider Foundation has provided over $4 million in support to MARSOC Marines, Sailors, and their families.

It’s been exciting to work with Marine Raider Foundation in managing their Google Ads. Watching their CTR grow from 7.8% in May to 14.1% in July is just one of the many advantages they have seen utilizing their Grant. 

“The Foundation hosted a virtual challenge over the summer that ended up raising $112,000. We feel that the marketing provided in the ads created by Nonprofit Megaphone played a role in bringing the challenge to the attention of a wider audience, which in turn led to the success of the event.”

~Sarah Christian, Director of Operations

Partnering with Marine Raider Foundation has been a pleasure, but being witness to their dedication to the MARSOC community during the COVID crisis has been especially meaningful. Due to the pandemic, they worked tirelessly to transition to virtual events and fundraisers to ensure their community had the resources they needed when they needed them most. For us, it was an honor to work alongside them in helping them raise the necessary funds. We are thrilled to continue managing the Google Ad Grant for Marine Raider Foundation and look forward to the incredible results to come.

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