The Ladies Talkshow with Leah

Saving & Enriching Marriages

The Challenge

The Ladies Talk Show is on a mission to help struggling marriages around the world. Unfortunately, they weren’t getting the visibility they needed to accomplish this. Before NPM secured the Google Ad Grant on their behalf, they were only receiving a few hundred website visitors each month.

The Outcome

Within six months of having the Google Ad Grant, they are fulfilling their mission in a way they were unable to before. They are receiving more than 6,000 clicks from around the world each month. And, in August of 2021, 20 people watched episodes after clicking on one of their ads. 


New People Engaging with the Website Monthly


Click Through Rate on Ads


Average Monthly Impressions


The Ladies Talkshow hosts a live show every week with the sole purpose of enriching and saving marriages. Founder and host, Leah Richeimer, is a relationship expert and author who is passionate about relationships that are not only fulfilling, but continually growing and improving. 

Donating her time and effort to this cause, she conducts a weekly video show that can be viewed live or watched at a time that is more convenient for her viewers. These weekly shows, including titles like “A Wife’s Power During Lockdown” and “Comedy Hour: Anger Management,” provide valuable encouragement for women to continue to put work into their marriage every day.

I don’t know where we would be without NPM. Our clicks are through the roof now. We were getting a few hundred hits on our website a month, and now we’re getting that in a single day.
– Leah Richeimer

Since partnering with NPM, The Ladies Talkshow has seen amazing results from expert management of their Google Ad Grant. In the last month, over 75,870 people have seen their ads, and over 6,000 of those visited their website. These numbers have resulted in a click-through-rate of 7.97%. We are thrilled to work alongside The Ladies Talkshow and are looking forward to helping them advance their mission throughout our partnership.

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