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Kendal at Oberlin is a community focused on healthy aging, serving residents who have come from across the country (36 states and Washington DC are represented). Founded in 1993, the facility has become a hub for recreation and fellowship, offering a fitness center open to the community, musical performances, and additional programs such as Kendal at Home and the Kendal Early Learning Program.

Searching for a retirement community for a loved one is typically a lengthy and wide-ranging process. With 40% of all residents coming from outside of OH, Kendal at Oberlin needed a way to reach a wider audience that might not be aware of their unique approach to aging and care.

Nonprofit Megaphone and the Google Ad Grant allow Kendal at Oberlin to appear in the most valuable marketing real estate in this search process: at the top of the results during Google searches. Prospective residents and families almost always conduct their searches online, and having the funds to invest in placing ads ensures Kendal at Oberlin can meet folks where they are, and encourage them to learn more.

In a unique partnership, Nonprofit Megaphone collaborated with Marketing Essentials, which provides content for the Kendal website for inbound marketing that is further amplified by the Google Ad Grant spend. This collaboration allows Kendal at Oberlin to receive even more benefit from the Ad Grant program.

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