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The IMAG History and Science Center offers fun and enriching experiences for all ages, offering over 60 hands-on exhibits showcasing the wonders of science and history.  From 3D movies about the animals of the Ice Age, to virtual reality trips back in time, to a 3,200+ gallon aquarium, IMAG sparks imagination and a passion for science and history in young visitors.

In a world where new experiences are increasingly discovered online, IMAG turned to Nonprofit Megaphone to get the word out through the Google Ad Grant. The unique experiences IMAG offered allowed the organization to capture the attention of people searching Google for questions like “kids birthday party places” or the coveted query “museum membership.” Hundreds of new people learning about what the IMAG has to offer leads to more tickets being purchased, more events being booked, and more young people exposed to the magic of scientific and historical inquiry, all within their first 30 days with Nonprofit Megaphone!

If by this point you want to go to IMAG yourself instead of continuing to research Google Grant management, I don’t blame you! If you want to see what the center looks like for yourself, check out their 3D tour!

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