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The IMAG History and Science Center offers fun and enriching experiences for all ages, offering over 60 hands-on exhibits showcasing the wonders of science and history.  From 3D movies about the animals of the Ice Age, to virtual reality trips back in time, to a 3,200+ gallon aquarium, IMAG sparks imagination and a passion for science and history in young visitors.

IMAG & Nonprofit Megaphone became partners in 2019. At that time, NPM helped to get the word out for their birthday parties and museum memberships. Hundreds of new people learning about what the IMAG has to offer led to more tickets being purchased, more events being booked, and more young people exposed to the magic of scientific and historical inquiry.

IMAG has continued to thrive during the Covid-19 era with the help of Google Ads to promote their IMAG@HOME online educational programming, instruction, and entertainment. Throughout 2020 and 2021, they continued to see over 3,400 new visitors to their website with an average click-through-rate of over 9%. We are so excited to come alongside IMAG and partner with them to promote their exciting history and science programs for all ages.

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