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A champion for racial justice and equality, the Greenlining Institute is a policy, research, organizing, and leadership institute.  Founded in 1993 and headquartered in California, the Institute brings together leaders from the community along with the public and private sector to affect change in policies and to open doors for opportunity.

Every program the Greenlining Institute takes on is fueled by a belief  that the American Dream should be attainable for everyone.  The Institute’s Leadership Academy offers leaders of the future instruction and opportunities for success.  Since 1996, the Academy has trained over 1,000 young leaders. Partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone to manage their Google Ad Grant is a key strategy to attract people to their website, increasing awareness for the Institute’s programs and vision – “a nation where communities of color thrive and race is never a barrier to economic opportunity.”

As a result of the partnership with Nonprofit Megaphone, The Greenlining Institute has welcomed over 4,000 new visitors to their website on a monthly basis.  

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