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Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve and causes progressive blindness. The Glaucoma Research Foundation ( was founded to improve the lives of people with glaucoma and fuel research to ultimately cure the disease. The Foundation provides educational resources for patients who may have been recently diagnosed, funds potentially ground-breaking research, and operates a 3-day conference called Glaucoma 360 that brings together the entire sector.

The Glaucoma Research Foundation partnered with Nonprofit Megaphone to utilize the Google Ad Grant to gain more exposure and engage with its audience on both the disease and the progress being made. Google Ads allow the Foundation to reach individuals where they are, as they use Google for information about the condition as well as treatment and cures.

Most encouraging are the people who arrive at each month through ads and take a next step to get involved – downloading PDF resources, subscribing to email updates, and even donating. Nonprofit Megaphone is proud to partner with the Glaucoma Research Foundation to fight for a more hopeful future for all.

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