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Earthwatch Institute

Engaging the Science of Sustainability


New People Engaging with the Earthwatch’s Website per Month


Click Through Rate on Ads


Expedition Signups in First Month, Each Driving $1.5-3.5k Revenue


The Earthwatch Institute ( is an international organization that brings people together with leading scientists to provide hands-on environmental research and education. Instead of simply reading academic articles, Earthwatch gives individuals the opportunity to participate in sustainability field research themselves, seeing the impact of their efforts firsthand.

This brilliant model is executed in part through Earthwatch’s “Expeditions,” which fuse adventure and scientific inquiry. Website visitors are invited to sign up for Expeditions ranging from studying “Birdsongs in the Olympic Peninsula” to “Reforestation in Brazil.” Participants pay to take part in these excursions, which makes the program both environmentally sustainable and financially sustainable. Earthwatch partnered with Nonprofit Megaphone to use the Google Ad Grant to reach an increasingly global audience in support of its global mission.

The results so far have been exceptional. By the end of the first month, Google Ad Grant ads had directly led to 5 new Excursion bookings. With each booking representing $1.5k to $3.5k in revenue for Earthwatch, the financial ROI was nothing short of incredible. But over the long term, the environmental ROI these programs help generate will be even greater.

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