Book of Mormon Central

Making The Book Of Mormon Accessible

The Challenge

Although Book of Mormon Central already had the Google Ads Grant, their account was not configured correctly or being utilized effectively. They needed an experienced organization that could answer their questions and address their technical issues promptly and accurately.

The Outcome

Not only were we able to fix their technical issues so that they could become fully functional with the Google Ads Grant, but we were able to monitor their rapidly-changing content and tailor their ads, which increased in user engagements and donations. 


New People Engaging with the Website Monthly


Click Through Rate on Ads


Average Monthly Impressions


Book of Mormon Central (BMC) exists every day to make the Book of Mormon accessible, comprehensible, and defensible to the entire world. Their incredible team of experts works together to share the wonder of the Book of Mormon with the world.

As an independent organization operating with the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum, BMC’s mission statement is to increase understanding and faithful engagement with the Book of Mormon. There are a variety of ways they do this, and two of their most effective are ScripturePlus and KnoWhys. ScripturePlus is a fully-interactive scripture study app designed to encourage learners to engage in the Word of God more fully. KnowWhys are concise, media-enriched articles that explain difficult topics, interesting insights, and more in the Book of Mormon.

“Since partnering with NPM, user engagements are up 70% and donations are up 55%. NPM has helped us publicize a weekly YouTube show that is now attracting 100k views. About a year ago, we launched a new website and let it grow organically. Since NPM began driving traffic to it a couple months ago, pageviews are up 75%.”

~Kirk Magleby, Executive Director, Book of Mormon Central

NPM is so excited to see tangible results as we work with our clients! Book of Mormon Central is now receiving over 45,000 impressions monthly, and over 5,200 people are visiting their website! That is a fantastic use of the Google Ad Grant! 

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