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Animal Care Centers (ACC) of NYC works to find loving homes for homeless and abandoned pets and end animal homelessness across all of New York City. The nonprofit partners with more than 200 dedicated animal placement organizations and collaborates directly with the public, working tirelessly to find a loving place for all animals in their care.

While vision is important, the results are even more so… and ACC of NYC is doing a great job! In any given month, the organization receives hundreds or thousands of dogs and cats that are brought in from the public, surrendered, or seized in the five boroughs of New York City. ACC of NYC then gets to work, rehoming or returning these pets to their owners or transferring them to organizations within their community or coalition. Without the fantastic work of the ACC of NYC, most of these pets would remain homeless and in real danger.

Making the decision to partner with Nonprofit Megaphone has yielded amazing results in their online presence and website traffic, furthering the ability to take care of these precious animals. Within their first 30 days of working with NPM, the number of new people visiting their website from the Google Ad Grant increased by 57%, jumping to  more than 3,800 visitors. Additionally, they also doubled their conversions in their first month with NPM managing their Google Ads, with a total of 588 conversions. Of particular note, ACC of NYC reports that many of the people interested in adopting homeless pets are finding the organization through Google Ads, more so in fact, than through any other channel!

NPM & Animal Care Centers of NYC have been partnering together for over two years now, and they continue to see amazing results, keeping a steady click-through rate at almost 14%! NPM is not only excited to see numbers like this, but proud to partner with such great organizations as ACC of NYC and to help them further their cause to end animal homelessness in New York City.

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