Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

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The Challenge

Because libraries are publicly funded, traditional methods of advertising aren’t feasible for Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (LVCCLD). As their services have evolved to include live entertainment options and art galleries, LVCCLD was searching for an opportunity to market their offerings with a limited budget and staff.

The Outcome

NPM secured the Google Ads Grant on their behalf and began running ads. In their first month, they received 1,436 clicks. Within three months, their monthly clicks increased to 3,308 clicks, and they received 52 completed e-card applications in a single month.


New People Engaging with the Website Monthly


Click Through Rate on Ads


Total Conversions


Las Vegas-Clark County Library District seeks to provide social, economic, and educational materials to improve the well-being of its community. Serving over 1.6 million people in the city of Las Vegas, they are committed to building communities of people who can come together to pursue their individual and group aspirations.

LVCCLD is more than your usual library. Not only do they loan books and promote learning through reading, but they also have performing arts theaters that rival entertainment offered by local casinos. Additionally, they have free art galleries. In fact, one of the selling points for partnering with NPM was the ability to advertise their art galleries and the special events they host. Although some of these services have been delayed due to COVID-19, LVCCLD remains steadfast in its commitment to provide opportunities for the communities they serve while maintaining social distancing. All local libraries are fully reopened and other in-demand services such as One-Stop Career services, art gallery exhibitions, Safe Place services for youth in crisis, and adult literacy and education courses are available.

Nonprofit Megaphone is incredibly excited to partner with LVCCLD to manage their Google Ad Grant. The results in just a few months are amazing! During their first month, their ads received more than 3,000 impressions, 500 of which were new website visitors. And the ongoing results are even more incredible! In September 2021, their Google Ad presence continued to increase, resulting in over 30,000 impressions and over 4,100 clicks! We look forward to helping LVCCLD further advance their mission to strengthen its communities through the services they offer.

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