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The Columbus Symphony, founded in 1951 and in its 70th year, is rolling out a 3-year initiative called “We are Here For YOU,” a plan that is focusing on the extraordinary and meaningful service to the central Ohio community.  During their three-year focus, they will be focusing on reaching the entire population groups of the residents of Columbus and the surrounding areas, including students, diverse populations, famlies, businesses, rural communities, individual with disabilities, and so many more!

Partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone to manage their Google Ads has brought some amazing results! Thanks to the detailed and focused grant management, the Columbus Symphony is maintaining an average click-through-rate of 14.86%. The number of impressions per month is over 21,000, and they are seeing over 3,000 new visitors to their website monthly.  NPM loves to see results like these and enjoys playing a small role in helping nonprofits make a difference in their communities.

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