What Is GrantsPro?

The Google Ad Grants Pro or GrantsPro, awarded organizations $40,000 a month to spend each month on Google Ads.  We’ll give a quick history of the program, but unfortunately, the story doesn’t end well. The program is no longer accepting new applicants. 

Until 2016, if you had a regular Google Ad Grant account and spent at least $9,900 for two of the previous six months, you were eligible to apply for a GrantsPro account. If approved, you were given an advertising budget of $40,000 per month, instead of $10,000.  Of course, there were rules about how to maintain the increased budget and best use it to your advantage.

What if I Already Have GrantsPro?

There are still a number of organizations that have GrantsPro accounts. If an organization was approved prior to the program’s closure, they were grandfathered into the new system.  Those nonprofits can still spend up to $40,000 each month through the program.

If your organization has GrantsPro, focus extra hard on keeping your account compliant and leveraging the unique gift you have that most nonprofits don’t – a $40,000 monthly advertising budget instead of $10,000. 

The Future of the GrantsPro Program

There has been talk of potentially bringing the GrantsPro program back at some point; however, we haven’t seen any movement in that direction. We’ll be interested to see if it is brought back. 

But still, fret not. Google is always thinking of ways to support larger organizations or organizations that have a tremendous amount of traffic. There is an experimental program being tested that would increase the budget for organizations responding to crisis situations. As an example, if there is a natural disaster and lots of people are Googling how to get involved, there can be a way for some organizations to get a budget increase in those types of emergencies. 

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.