The Google Ad Grant is one of the most cost-effective and powerful tools available to reach your audience. With quality web content and focused calls to action, you can use the grant to increase your web traffic, then convert that traffic into supporters of your organization. If people are searching for something on Google and you have a page addressing that topic on your website, the Google Grant can reach those individuals, drive them to your website, and ask them to take the next step of helping push your organization’s mission forward.

Based on our extensive experience managing Google Ad Grants for hundreds of nonprofits, we’ve not only identified ways in which it can be used successfully, but also ways in which we can amplify its impact.

Maximize Google Grant Value With VisitorEmail Service

Building and Growing Your Email List

Nonprofit Megaphone is always striving to bring our clients new levers that will help them get the most out of their Google Ad Grant and enhance their digital presence.

We recognize that growing your organization’s email list and building a larger audience is a priority, as email communication is one of the best marketing methods to drive more donations. This is why we have created a way for you to effortlessly add hundreds of new people to your email list each month and turn them into more active supporters of your mission.

How It Works

Thousands of people may visit your website a month, yet only a few take action to get involved. Our VisitorEmail service provides you with email addresses of up to 35% of your website visitors and allows you to “strike up a conversation” with them using newsletters. Relationship-building on autopilot, this dialogue is a catalyst for turning casual visitors into lifelong supporters of your organization.

Since email marketing lists normally decay by approximately 22% each year, this service is a great way for you to keep growing your email list so you can connect with people who have already engaged with your brand. It seamlessly integrates with Google Tag Manager to collect visitor’s emails into a format that can be easily added to your existing subscriber list. This is done in compliance with privacy regulations and people can opt-out from receiving emails at any time.

Visible Results

Accelerating Email List Growth

Our client, Kennel to Couch’s email list is a crucial component of the organization’s plans for long-term sustainability and growth. However, growth of their email list was slow. VisitorEmail dramatically accelerated their email list growth, as shown below. New subscribers from this channel have already begun converting to donors.

Growing Website Engagement

Another client, USModernist, offers an unparalleled collection of resources on the Modernist architectural movement. The organization wanted to further expand their email audience to drive repeat website engagement. The VisitorEmail service allowed USModernist to accelerate list growth by adding high-quality, engaged website visitors. The open and click rates for these new contacts are remarkably strong:

  • 2x Increase in List Growth Rate. VisitorEmail allowed USModernist to more than double the speed of their email audience’s growth, with the potential to accelerate even further over time.
  • Welcome Email Best Practices. As shown below, the USModernist welcome email is a great example of following best practices to create a great experience for website visitors.
  • Remarkable Stats. The USModernist welcome email is achieving a 38% open rate and a 12% click-through-rate, which is truly remarkable. These stats are even higher than the organization’s already very well-performing weekly newsletters.

Add This to Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today!

Email is a relevant way for nonprofit organizations to reach potential volunteers and donors. We’re thrilled to help our clients grow their email list with VisitorEmail. Find out more about how to get the most from your Google Ad Grant Management by talking to your dedicated NPM team.