Charly Jarrett, the Director of Development and Communications at Veterinarians Without Borders, sets her sights on an ambitious goal. She envisions a future where her organization matches the efficiency of the for-profit sector. Jarrett recognizes the transformative potential of AI in addressing long-standing staffing and resource constraints, envisioning a future where “AI filled all those gaps.”

Leveraging AI for Efficiency and Personalization

Jarrett acknowledges the inherent risk-aversion in the nonprofit sector, a significant barrier to adopting new technologies and strategies. She draws parallels with the early internet era, emphasizing the need for bold, risk-taking approaches to stay competitive and effective. Jarrett values the realm of AI and technology adoption. “I’m making tons of connections with other people doing AI,” she shares, highlighting the importance of collective efforts and shared learning in the nonprofit sector. Jarrett sees the potential for AI to streamline operations, from segmenting donor communications to managing institutional knowledge and onboarding processes.

Bridging Silos and Piloting Innovations

Reflecting on her experiences, Jarrett stresses the importance of integrating marketing and fundraising efforts and advocates for piloting new projects as a strategy to overcome risk aversion. She believes in demonstrating success through data to drive organizational change.

Prioritizing Human Contact in Fundraising

Despite her focus on technology, Jarrett emphasizes the irreplaceable value of human contact in fundraising. “It’s always gonna be the contact with donors,” she states, underlining the importance of personalized communication in donor engagement and stewardship.

Charly Jarrett’s vision for Veterinarians Without Borders is one of a modern, efficient, and technologically advanced organization that maintains its human touch. Her approach to embracing AI, while fostering strong personal connections and adapting to new media realities, sets a powerful example for the future of nonprofit fundraising.