Adriana Adams stands out as a visionary leader at the helm of Triad Health Project. As the organization’s Executive Director, her forward-thinking approach looks toward reshaping the organization’s funding strategy, steering away from traditional event-based fundraising and charting a course toward diversified, sustainable revenue streams. With an unyielding belief in the power of relationships and a keen eye on the evolving philanthropic landscape, Adams’ strategies are not just about adapting to change—they’re about leading it. 

Embracing Change in Philanthropic Dynamics 

Adams keenly understands the shifting philanthropic landscape and the necessity to adapt. “I would love to be at a place where we’re not reliant on funds from events coming in,” she boldly declares. Recognizing the challenge of engaging a new donor generation, Adams notes, “We’re facing a different giving capacity and mindset,” and advocates for a strategy shift to ensure stable, monthly support.

Innovating for Sustainability 

Adams champions the quest for diversification in income streams, referring to the essential pursuit of a “mythical third source of income.” Her immigrant refugee background profoundly shapes her approach. She asserts, “There’s always a solution…you figure it out,” embodying her belief in relentless problem-solving and innovation. This perspective is central to her strategy for resilience and adaptability in fundraising.

The Power of Relationship 

Relationship building is the cornerstone of Adams’ fundraising philosophy. Adams places a high value on strategic engagement and professional development. Her commitment to a donor stewardship model prioritizes personal connections and regular updates, adhering to community-centric fundraising principles for deeper donor bonds.

Technology and Trend Awareness 

Adams recognizes the growing importance of technology in modern fundraising, especially accentuated during the pandemic. She emphasizes adapting to donors’ evolving preferences, using resources like the ‘Nonprofits Are Messy’ and ‘The Ethical Rainmaker’ podcasts, and participating in nonprofit consortiums. “We need to adapt to modern donors’ preferences,” she insists, highlighting the need for a tech-savvy approach in fundraising.

Fostering Women’s Solidarity 

Highlighting the role of women, particularly women of color in fundraising, Adams calls for a collective approach. She believes in the strength of unity, saying, “We have a lot of power in our numbers, if we can work together collectively.” Her vision extends beyond individual organizational goals, aiming for transformative philanthropy through shared efforts and mutual support.

Adriana Adams’ leadership at Triad Health Project epitomizes the future of nonprofit fundraising. Her approach—rooted in adaptability, strong relationships, technological savvy, and collective action—paints a picture of a resilient and innovative philanthropic landscape. Adams’ insights and strategies offer a beacon for other nonprofits navigating the evolving world of fundraising, emphasizing the power of unity and adaptation in the face of changing donor dynamics.