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The Chattanooga Zoo creates meaningful interactions between people and wildlife through immersive experiences. The second part of the zoo’s mission statement refers to being a premier destination for locals and tourists, which requires significant exposure.

To achieve this exposure, Chattanooga Zoo partnered with Nonprofit Megaphone to advertise to individuals and families looking for family attractions, zoos, or fun activities in their geographic area. In addition, when searchers see ads on their mobile devices they are given a one-click option to call the Zoo, which is generating roughly dozens of inbound calls per month. Running effective campaigns has significantly increased exposure for the Zoo, and is helping the organization fulfill multiple aspects of its mission.

“Since working with Nonprofit Megaphone, the Chattanooga Zoo has continuously seen new website visitors with a click-through rate that is over two times the industry average. Working with them is great and the results easily show the success in our partnership.”

Hannah Hammon
Director of Marketing, Membership & Communication
Chattanooga Zoo

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