Running a nonprofit can be challenging. Over time, a number of obstacles can present themselves. Fortunately, there are a number of resources for nonprofit employees, board members, and founders to turn to; one of the most helpful resources for any nonprofit is podcasts. Whether they are posted weekly or monthly, there are multiple, quality podcasts available to guide nonprofits and teach them successful strategies for everything from fundraising to recruiting. Featured below are 10 of the best podcasts for nonprofits.

Why Podcasts are a Great Resource for Nonprofits

There are multiple reasons why nonprofits and their employees should listen to podcasts specifically for nonprofits; these are just a few of them:

  1. Easy: Above all, podcasts are easy to find, subscribe to, and listen to.
  2. Free: Although some podcasts may require a fee, most are free and are available on free platforms.
  3. Informative and Diverse: Podcasts offer a variety of knowledge and information, ranging from simple statistics to in-depth topics. They are a beneficial way to stay informed on new issues or developments and even learn new skills, including those that can benefit nonprofits.
  4. Portable: No matter the service one prefers, there are a number of apps and platforms that can allow one to subscribe and listen to podcasts no matter when or where they are.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast

Although the Stanford Social Innovation Review offers articles and webinars, their podcast also provides plenty of tips, tricks, and information for nonprofits. Their podcast is renowned for offering content on numerous topics such as human rights, impact investing, and business models for nonprofits. Stylistically, the podcast is delivered to listeners through a TED Talk-style dialogue, which not only intrigues but inspires listeners. Some topics that the Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast features are “Fostering a Human-Centered Approach to Artificial Intelligence,” “Debating the Role of Philanthropy in Democracy,” “Learning How to Listen to Beneficiaries,” and others on diversity and energy efficiency.


Presented by the Nonprofit Hub, Hubcast is another fantastic podcast that is dedicated to improving any nonprofits performance. They provide guides to help nonprofits operate at their very best in order to serve their community and/or cause to the best of their ability. Some of the ways Hubcast accomplishes this is by providing information on how nonprofit organizations can increase their fundraising revenue, prioritize their branding, and self-invest to grow even further. Some topics that Hubcast explores include “Tips and Tricks for Year-End Fundraising,” “Donor Cultivation and Fundraising Faux Paus,” “Creating a Culture of Self-Care,” and “Get Your Board on Board.”

First Day Podcast

Podcasts on any topic vary by length. Fortunately, for those who may have less time to devote to podcast listening, First Day Podcast offers helpful information in a short, to-the-point format. Each podcast they release is around 10 minutes and length but absolutely packed with news, research, and other beneficial knowledge for nonprofits who want to take their fundraising to new heights. Because First Day’s podcast typically revolves around fundraising, their podcast features topics like “Generation Z Donors,” “Capital Campaigns,” “Matching Gifts,” “Fundraising from Donor Advised Funds,” and “Board Engagement with Fundraising.”

Nonprofits are Messy

Created by Joan Garry, Nonprofits are Messy is a podcast that covers nearly every topic relevant or potentially relevant to a nonprofit. Compared to First Day, Garry’s podcast is much longer; however, it details a number of issues and real-world situations a nonprofit may encounter. For 40-50 minutes, the podcast delves into a number of topics like fundraising, the board of directors, marketing, communication, team building, leadership, and even self-care. Some notable episodes from the podcast are “Overcoming Fundraising Mistakes,” “True Confessions of a Five Star Board Chair,” “A Smart Nonprofit Budgeting Process,” and “How to Engage Millennials.”

Tiny Spark

To stand out among the crowd of podcasts available to nonprofits, Tiny Spark engages in a more investigative style. In this way, Tiny Spark is the most journalistic option for nonprofit listeners. They cover a variety of topics, ranging from philanthropy, nonprofit operations, and international aid. The podcast’s host, Amy Costello, specializes in providing insight on potential unintended consequences that can come from a nonprofit’s operations. In learning about these, a nonprofit can maximize what it does best and minimize any potentially negative outcomes that can come from their work. A recently explored topic on the podcast has been the crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, and how the platform should and should not be used.

Impact Boom

Impact Boom is a podcast dedicated to teaching nonprofits how to maximize their impact – not only on the community but on the world. Each week the podcast invites innovators, change-makers, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers onto their show to share their stories and sources of inspiration, so they can inspire the listeners. No matter the guest, Impact Boom is always focused on promoting lasting, positive social and environmental changes. Some notable episodes from Impact Boom include “Creating Scalable Positive Change & Gross National Happiness,” “How Corporates & Social Enterprises are Working Together,” “The Challenges & Opportunities of Being a Social Entrepreneur,” and “Getting Ideas into the Market & the Investment Environment.”

The Tim Ferriss Show

Unlike the other podcasts on this list, the Tim Ferriss show is not specifically made for nonprofits; however, the information provided by Ferriss’ guests can be useful to any business, organization, or even nonprofit. The podcast is predominately an interview – with Ferriss discussing and extracting information from guests, who are typically experts in one or more fields. From the interviews, Ferriss’ guests often provide insight into business strategies, tactics, tools, and even routines that can all be helpful to nonprofits. Some relevant episodes for nonprofit listeners include “Eric Schmidt – Lessons from a Trillion-Dollar Coach,” “Dave Elitch – How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” and “How to Say ‘No’ Gracefully and Uncommit.”

The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

While some podcasts more generally discuss a multitude of issues and strategies that concern nonprofits, others specialize. The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast does as its title implies and explores qualities, issues, and strategies around leadership. The host, Dr. Rob Harter, discusses leadership with guests and offers listeners effective, real-world strategies for how to be the best leader one can be – whether it’s for them or for their nonprofit. If leadership is something lacking at a nonprofit, this podcast can help. Some notable episodes from the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast are “How to Inspire Others Facing Difficult Challenges” and “Is Self-Leader the Most Important Type of Leadership?”

Top Nonprofits Podcast

In the podcasts from Top Nonprofits, the host, Amy DeVita, explores what makes nonprofits successful. Some frequent topics from the podcast discuss the issues of storytelling strategies, appealing to millennials, and nonprofit salaries. However, DeVita also offers helpful tips on fundraising, marketing, and management for nonprofits. Some particularly helpful episodes from Top Nonprofits include “Fundraising During Crisis (or Any Other Time)”, “Facing Fear to Optimize Your Nonprofit Organization,” “Strategic Planning in the Digital Age with Sarah Olivieri,” and “5 Question to Answer Before Calling a Nonprofit Consultant.”

Futures in Fundraising 

An essential aspect of any nonprofit is fundraising; it is the lifeblood that keeps an organization running and doing its good work. Futures in Fundraising is a podcast that helps everyone from fundraising experts to those who are just learning how to fundraise. Aside from simple tips on how to fundraise, the show also features interviews with fundraisers themselves, who share their experiences, situations they have encountered, and lessons learned from years of fundraising campaigns. Notable episodes for new listeners include “What Donors Really Want featuring Greg Warner, “Strategies and Tips to Maximize #GivingTuesday with Adam Cotumaccio of MDA,” and “The Importance of Planned Giving with Lula Dawit of the Woodruff Arts Center.”

The Nonprofit Growth Show

Here at Nonprofit Megaphone, we have our own podcast for sharing information that helps nonprofits grow. Our episodes run for about half an hour and feature leaders and experts from across the country, who share with us their successes and their failures. By sharing with us, they share with you. We have dozens of episodes published and more on the way. To listen, just click the “Podcast” link on the tab at the top of the page. From there, you will have access to every podcast we have made and all of the experts and leaders we have talked to.

Open Ears and Open Minds Learn the Most 

No matter which podcast one chooses, there is plenty of information available to any nonprofit looking to improve or grow. Consider what your nonprofit needs or potentially lacks; from there, you can listen to a podcast that may specialize in that area or do an entire series of episodes dedicated to it. Podcasts for nonprofits exist to help nonprofits; listening to any one of them can provide one with a multitude of helpful information to grow and improve one’s nonprofit.

For more tips, tricks, advice, and guides on how to make the most of your nonprofit, be sure to click around our website. We offer a variety of content — from articles to podcasts — all designed to provide useful insights and advice on how to grow your nonprofit. At Nonprofit Growth, our mission is to make your mission a success.

By Richard Morris