Welcome to our Client  Shoutout! At Nonprofit Megaphone, we are all honored and humbled to work for such amazing organizations. We want to take a moment in each newsletter to share about the mission and work of one of our clients. This month, we would like to introduce you to Trueface, in the words of their Marketing Director, David Pinkerton.

Trueface is a nonprofit that exists to help increase your influence through trust. For twenty-two years we have been working to free leaders and their people from isolation. Competency-based leaders find themselves more and more isolated. The more power they acquire, the more dangerous it is to admit to faults and weaknesses for fear of losing that power or position. These realities create environments of power and inauthenticity, which do not grow people of high character. When given the choice, we all would choose an environment that is safe, authentic and genuinely alive over places of inauthenticity, uncertainty, and competition. When given the choice, we would rather follow someone of high character than someone with just high competency.

Because these things are true, we are incredibly excited to be working on the Heart of Man Movie team. The film’s stunning cinematography and storytelling are wonderful, but more importantly, this film is breaking the enigma code of hiddenness and shame for abuse. This film is creating safe places for people to talk about things that have long been hidden away.

We often have societal taboos not because people want them, but because no one feels safe enough to talk about the things that hurt us most. When we create environments of safety, we realize that the process of being understood by another human is often enough to bring overwhelming hope. This leads us to ask, what if our brokenness wasn’t a barrier, but a bridge?