I need help with the Google Ad Grant! People ask me that all the time. They say, “I need help. I need support. I need guidance. How do I take this incredible program – the Google Ad Grant – and maximize its value?” We get asked that question literally every day. There are some tips we can provide that will hopefully get you on the right path.

Right now, if you have the Google Ad Grant and you’re managing it yourself, one of the big things to think about is just keeping up with the compliance rules. You’ve probably seen all the different compliance rules in terms of maintaining a 5% click-through-rate or making sure that you don’t have low-quality keywords. Those are really important to keep your account activated. If you get suspended, it tends to be a laborious process to get it reactivated, so an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure, as they say.

Some other tips that we’ve had is you probably would benefit from setting aside time each week to optimize your account. We support and manage the Google Ad Grant for about 211 clients at the time of this video and take that off their shoulders. Our grant managers are in each account for each client optimizing things and making note of what’s working and what’s not working every week. That is a really good way to do it because the Google Ads platform moves really quickly. There are always new things that can be done and ways the performance can be improved, so I would recommend blocking out maybe a couple of hours every week – block it out on Friday afternoon or something like that – and just have that time that you really defend to spend time in the Google Ads account and keep it rolling.

A lot of it is based on momentum and just continuous adding new keywords, adding new ad variance, and making sure that your conversion tracking is all working perfectly. There is a lot of ongoing maintenance work that makes accounts really successful, and if you find that you’re missing weeks or months in a row, the accounts performance can really deteriorate or, more often, you can fall behind on the compliance rules and get suspended. It’s really important to set that time aside and make sure that you’re doing work in the account on a regular basis. 

There are some requirements on that. You actually have to log in to the account at least once a month at the absolute minimum, just so that Google knows that you’re still engaged. If you don’t do that, you’re actually at risk of the account getting suspended. So it’s really worth doing that. If you’re going to be on vacation for some period of time, tap someone else on the shoulder and have them manage it in your absence and keep the train running. It’s a phenomenal resource and something that you definitely don’t want to waste.

If you do have a situation where you find that you don’t have enough time or there are lots of other pressing matters on your plate, we’d be happy to talk to you about helping you with the Google Ad Grant and managing it for you. We joke that, even though it says that we are an agency that manages the Google Ad Grant, we don’t just do that. What we actually do is relieve stress for nonprofit marketers so that they can focus on the other things and they don’t have to worry about the emails that they’re getting from Google or the compliance warnings that they’re getting. They can just know that all that’s taken care of, and they don’t have to watch videos that say “Help with the Google Ad Grant” ever again. 

If that can be of help, we’d love to be of help, but we do also have a number of free resources available through YouTube or through our website that might be helpful to you as well. If you do have questions, feel free to let us know in the comments or send us an email through our website at nonprofitmegaphone.com.

Thank you so much and I hope that you got at least some of the help that you’re looking for through watching this video.  Thanks again.


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