The three most asked questions from our Grant Managers to their clients:

  1. Do you have any new content to promote?
  2. Do you have any new content to promote?
  3. Do you have any new content to promote?

I’m not sure there is any other way to say it: content is king when it comes to success with the Google Grant.

I’ve found myself recently sharing with prospects in as many ways as I can think of the importance of content when it comes to this program from Google. Another way to say it; without robust, relevant, searchable content, this Grant program will not work well. You can have the most amazing mission, the most talented, bighearted staff, and a fantastic donor base, but none of that will bring quality, engaged traffic to your site until you have the right amount and the right kind of content on your website. Um, wait. Hold on – I feel I’m getting just a bit off track here since my purpose in this article is to share about our new package, The Enterprise, and not to lecture you on content. Maybe save that for another day? 

Our amazing clients have been asking us to write content for them for a very long time. Until this year, this was not offered as part of our services. But 2019 brought a brand new Add-On Service, the SEO Content Writing Add-on, and now in the last few months, the Enterprise Package. I want to share briefly what these new offerings include!

SEO Content Writing Add-On

This Add-On can be paid monthly or prepaid to get two months free. Pricing is affordable and depends on how many articles you want each month. Once purchased, one of our staff writers will work with you to come up with relevant topics around broad, searchable content. We research and write the article. You’ll receive an outline first to approve and then you’ll edit the finished product. Once it is posted, your Grant Manager will begin promoting that content. It’s a win-win situation when your Grant Manager is writing content and advertising that content with the Google Grant. We’ve seen amazing results from this type of collaboration!

New Enterprise Package

We were thrilled to begin offering the Enterprise Package earlier this year. This package includes our regular, aggressive Grant Management plus the SEO Content Add-On (1 article per month) along with Google Analytics On-Demand Reporting. As with all of our packages, we offer a month-to-month option along with the option to prepay for 10 months with 2 months free. We found that while many nonprofits want to utilize Google Analytics more than they are, it’s just too time-consuming to get the most out of this free tool. This Add-On can make the most of your analytics and give great insight into your overall web traffic and how your website is performing. 

Add one robust, 700+ word blog post or article each month, and you’ve set yourself up for success with the Enterprise Package. With NPM writing content, our Grant Managers can now ask a different question on our complimentary Courtesy Calls, like “Did you see that spike in web visits and conversions after we started promoting our new blog post last month?”. Now that’s a question we can live with!

If you are interested in learning more about the Enterprise Package, have any questions around our SEO Content Writing Add-On or are ready to get started with NPM and the Google Grant, connect with us now