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For over 120 years, the Volunteers of America (VOA) has been reaching out across the nation to work with volunteers to help individuals and families in need through social service programs. As one of the world’s largest nonprofit human services organizations, VOA helps almost 1.5 million people every year, employs 16,000 professionals, and recruits thousands of volunteers.

The VOA reaches out to communities to provide care for people with mental illness and addiction, people with HIV/AIDS, teens struggling in the foster care system, formerly incarcerated individuals returning to their communities, veterans, older adults, and those with developmental disabilities. The organization knows what it takes to bring lasting miracles to families in need.

Coming alongside Volunteers of America Greater NY to manage their Google Ads, Nonprofit Megaphone is pleased to be a catalyst for helping the VOA reach more volunteers and drive more people to their website.  Since becoming a client, their click-through-rate has remained steady at 7.25%, with over 2,000 people visiting their website each month from ads. And the message is working, with 30+ people taking action to sign up for their newsletter as a result of their Google Ad account. We are thrilled to partner with the VOA and know that communities and people all over the country are getting the care that they need through their incredible work. 

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