Project Description

National Equity Project

Building Educational Equity

The Challenge

The impact of COVID required major shifts in National Equity Project’s operations at a time when their services were most critical due to the racial injustice plaguing the country. Quickly adapting their in-person equity trainings to virtual trainings was not an easy task and there was uncertainty about how successful those would be in such short notice.

The Outcome

Not only was their virtual training successful, but they were more successful than ever before. Training sessions exceeded capacity and National Equity Project was able to expand their reach by offering national training sessions. In June alone, 59 people clicked to register for an event after clicking on an ad!


Teachers/Leaders Engaging with the Website Monthly


Click Through Rate on Ads


 Registered Users For An Event From Ads


National Equity Project focuses on a quality education for every student and invests in all areas of life to make that happen, including supporting leaders, schools, communities, and nonprofits. Their mission is to dramatically improve educational experiences, outcomes, and life options for students and families who have been historically underserved by their schools and districts.

To accomplish their mission, NEP targets leaders and educators in communities to provide them with excellent and professional learning experiences through their Center for Equity Leadership. The Center offers valuable training in leadership development, strategic planning, facilitation, coaching, and teaching and the content is custom-delivered for organizations. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, NEP was able to expand their marketing outreach across the United States by offering their institutes in a virtual format.

Nonprofit Megaphone supported marketing the virtual institutes by quickly adjusting and expanding Google Ads for the institutes from regional targeting to national, as well as helping reach the rapidly growing number of people seeking virtual professional development opportunities due to shelter-in-place.”

       – Sara Gray, Sr. Director of Communications & Marketing

NPM is thrilled to contribute to help provide a quality education to all students by managing the Google Ads for NEP. And the results are impressive! In June, nearly 19,000 ads were shown to users, resulting in a click-through-rate of 11.37%. This means that more than 2,000 teachers or leaders visited their website to learn more about the Center for Equity Leadership. 

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