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The work performed by The Mustang Heritage Foundation provides the public opportunities to engage with wild horses and helps secure loving homes for excess horses. The Foundation accomplishes this through a variety of programs, from its captivating Mustang Magic and Extreme Mustang Makeover events to providing educational information and facilitating Bureau of Land Management adoptions of mustangs.

Since working with Nonprofit Megaphone and the Google Ad Grant, the Mustang Heritage Foundation has seen a nearly unheard of 17%+ click through rate (CTR) on its ads. This is more than 3x the 5% required CTR under the Ad Grant program. Hundreds of visitors through ads have demonstrated interest in attending events or supporting the Foundation’s work. Even more impactful, the Mustang Heritage Foundation has seen significantly more interest in horse adoptions than they did prior to utilizing the Google Grant.

If you have time, check out the videos from past Mustang Magic events. Trainers are given 100 days to gentle a wild mustang and then compete before a live audience. The feats that these trainers and their horses are able to accomplish only 100 days after domestication are nothing short of spectacular.

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