Project Description

Live Care Foundation

The Best Relief for Life’s Financial Burdens

The Challenge

Google’s ever-evolving rules and regulations made it difficult for Live Care Foundation to maintain compliance over the years they managed the Google Grant on their own. This led them to seek the help of knowledgeable professionals.

The Outcome

NPM began creating focused campaigns in line with Live Care’s mission. As a result, the level of service requests and inbound phone call activity reached record numbers. Live Care had never seen such activity levels (including unsolicited donations) prior to engaging NPM.




Click Through Rate on Ads




Live Care Foundation exists to help families who are bearing the brunt of providing out-of-pocket cash support for their loved ones’ assisted care. NPM partnered with them to help increase traffic to their website in February, 2020. Even though it was the beginning of the pandemic, the result of the Google Ad Grant and Nonprofit Megaphone’s management was a home run! In fact, our partnership has produced a game-changing answer to nearly all of their marketing challenges and goals.

When we asked Greg Di Cristina, Executive Director at Live Care Foundation, if he had any advice for organizations that may be considering partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone, he had this to share,

“This was our best use of limited funds. They are willing to start small and on a limited basis. That takes the risk out of an engagement, so you’ve got nothing to lose to see if it will work. Start today! ”

~Greg Di Cristina, Executive Director

NPM is thrilled to share the success of Live Care Foundation. Not only do we enjoy seeing the impact of our expert Grant management, but we love the relationships we build with our clients.

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