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The Institute of Food Technologists works to advance the science behind food by convening and supporting experts from over 90 countries. IFT’s work helps cultivate, disseminate and advocate for the value of the scientific innovations in our food supply. In a very real way, this work is foundational to the continued survival and success of humanity as a species.

IFT’s website offers a wealth of information of interest to practitioners. However, effectively marketing such a large and varied set of content to the right people at the right time is a significant challenge. In partnership with Nonprofit Megaphone, IFT leverages the Google Ad Grant to advertise to people who are searching for any of dozens of topics, providing the answer and directing them to IFT resources through ads at the top of Google search results. As food science professionals learn more and become acquainted with IFT, this in turn drives leads for membership, to the tune of 30+ per month. Members are at the heart of IFT’s mission and programs, and allow the organization to continue to serve the food community, so these new potential members are essential for future growth.

If this case study has made you hungry, you’re not alone. Whether it’s Google Grant management help or connections to food science resources, Nonprofit Megaphone and IFT have you covered.

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