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The Grey Muzzle Organization ( fights to create a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.

The nonprofit is one of only a handful of rescue groups in the United States dedicated to helping senior dogs find homes and loving families when they are abandoned. Many times, when extra care is required for the health of a senior dog, these animals are left at shelters or abandoned to homelessness. The Grey Muzzle exists to aid animal welfare organizations in their ability to provide quality care and find homes for these older dogs.

One of the many ways that The Grey Muzzle comes alongside these organizations is by raising money that can be distributed to rescue groups and animal welfare organizations. The Grey Muzzle also provides an accountability system for organizations and offers programs to help them improve their care for these often forgotten dogs.

Partnering with Nonprofit Megaphone to use the Google Ad Grant, The Grey Muzzle is reaching more and more people and more animal rescue organizations with its mission to help senior dogs find homes or the care they need. The results have been outstanding. They have seen over 4,400 new people coming to their website each month from ads, with 15+ people filling out forms or signing up for email lists. Together we can help protect senior dogs, one click at a time.

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