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GraceSigns provides incredible sign language learning apps to millions of people to download for free. When Valerie R. Carter, founder and executive director of GraceSings, found herself in a situation with her daughter, Grace, where they could not communicate because of her daughter’s own disabilities, they turned to sign language and found a whole new world of communication open up for them.

Desiring to make the learning of American Sign Language (ASL) easier and more accessible for others, Valerie and her team created entertaining and easy-to-use apps, including Sign Me a Story and Sign Me ABCs. These apps are now completely free to Apple and Android users across the country for personal and educational use, providing a fun and easy learning experience to the more than 30 million people worldwide who need to use sign language.

Nonprofit Megaphone is excited to partner with GraceSigns to help spread the word about their fabulous apps to learn sign language! In the last 30 days, over 7000 new people visited their website, and they have maintained a click-through-rate of 7.56%. It’s also exciting to see that over 420 people have accessed their free sign language apps in the last month! NPM is thrilled to partner with GraceSigns to help further their mission to bring ASL education through incredible apps to millions of people. 

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