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Glen Highland Farm ( is a rescue focused on helping homeless Border Collies ages 10 and up. Border Collies originally aided their human companions by herding sheep and cattle and are bred to be most comfortable in large outdoor environments. Overbreeding for domestic spaces has backfired, leaving many dogs in need of rescue. Glen Highland Farm is one of the main organizations stepping into this gap.

In addition to operating a rescue, the organization also runs The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm, where animals and owners can relax, “Off the Clock and Off the Leash.” Rated #1 on the list of pet-friendly designations by, the Getaway offers a unique experience to visitors from across the country. Even more importantly, income from The Getaway helps fund rescue operations.

Glen Highland Farm partnered with Nonprofit Megaphone to use the Google Ad Grant to increase exposure for both rescue work and The Getaway. Results have been compelling, with over 2,000 new people coming to the websites each month via ads. The Google Grant has driven over 80 registration for stays at The Getaway over the past year, providing significant revenue for ongoing operations.

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