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Erika’s Lighthouse

Creating Hope Amidst Teen Depression


New People Engaging with the Erika’s Lighthouse Website per Month


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Leads Creating Accounts or Downloading Handbooks per Month


Erika’s Lighthouse ( combats the silence and isolation that allows teen depression to grow, responding with community, empathy and education.

Erika’s Lighthouse provides resources for teachers, parents and teens to deconstruct the stigma around mental health discussions. Recognized in a variety of press pieces, the organization continues to lead the way with effective solutions to this growing problem.  Since teens (and increasingly, their educators and parents) spend large amounts of time online, Erika’s Lighthouse partnered with Nonprofit Megaphone to utilize the Google Ad Grant to let more people know about the programs and resources that are available.

The results have been compelling. Over one hundred individuals download resources (such as the Parent Handbook) or create portal accounts on the Erika’s Lighthouse website each month as a direct result of ads. It is not often that an advertisement can change or save a life, but clicking on an ads for Erika’s Lighthouse offers exactly that.

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