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Dyslexia Reading Connection, a bright spot in the Northeast Wisconsin area, is devoted to helping students and adults who have dyslexia. What began in 2004 as  a private school to help students struggling with their reading and spelling has now become an organization helping students in the Fox Valley Area of Wisconsin school districts as well as students in private, home, or virtual schools.

Since its inception, DRC has been successful in helping hundreds of students experience a world they might never have known. DRC provides one-on-one training in reading, spelling, and math through their tutoring program. Their Dyslexia Screening Specialists provide dyslexia testing and a parent-friendly report to give parents the knowledge to obtain classroom accommodations and tutoring. They also provide community education, which includes one-on-one meetings, open houses, seminars, and training sessions. 

Nonprofit Megaphone is thrilled to partner with DRC to promote their incredible services for people struggling with dyslexia, and we have seen steady growth.  In the last month alone, they had over 2,800 clicks from over 36,900 impressions! Their click-through-rate remains a steady 7.83%. It’s exciting to see results like this as we endeavor to help nonprofits such as DRC reach their goals.

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