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Courageous Kitchen

Inspiring Marginalized Youth Through the Power of Food




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Courageous Kitchen is intentional in its mission to inspire marginalized youth in Bangkok through the power of food. They aim to fund basic needs, feed the hungry, and educate people so that they have the means to lift themselves out of poverty. Through their work in the kitchen, they fight poverty by providing both broad and specialized skills for future employment opportunities. Children learn hard skills that can be used in kitchens across the world but also learn how to work with others, use their creativity, and delegate tasks.

Currently, they provide several free services to children and families that include informal preschool for 3 – 6-year-olds, cooking and English classes, distribution of food and hygiene products, and support for housing and medical emergencies. To provide these services at no cost to participants, Courageous Kitchen offers Thai cooking classes both online and in-person for adults, children, and families.

Nonprofit Megaphone is proud to work with Courageous Kitchen to manage their Google Ad Grant and help them in their mission. Last month alone, their ads received over 5,000 clicks with a CTR of 7.68% and more than 76 meaningful conversions. It’s been incredible watching their account grow over time and knowing that in doing so, at-risk children and families are receiving the help and support they need. 

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