Meet the Team

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Grant Hensel, CEO

Where I’m from: Chicago, Illinois

Things I enjoy: Reading, skiing, sailing, sports of all types

Something interesting about me: I once wrote letters to all of the Fortune 500 CEOs asking for book recommendations…and 150 of them wrote back!

Why I love working with NPM: I get to work with very talented people to help organizations doing incredible work tell their stories online. What more can you ask for?

Nonprofits I support: Illinois School Project, Preemptive Love Coalition, Wheaton College

Zack Smiley, Sales Manager

Where I’m from: Izmir, Turkey and the Silicon Valley.

Things I enjoy: I love reading everything from sci-fi of Orson Scott Card and Isaac Asimov to the biography of Marie Curie, traveling to places and attempting to blend in, competitive ultimate frisbee and spikeball, and playing (losing) Mario Kart to my wife.

Something interesting about me: I speak English, Turkish, French, and a smattering of Spanish and Portuguese.

Why I love working with NPM: I love the diversity of organizations we get to partner with. From pet shelters to homeless shelters, local community center to international development organizations! Also my NPM workies: they are a talented, devoted, stupendous, and riotously hilarious co-workers.

Nonprofits I support: Alcansa, World Relief, International Justice Mission

Amber Snow, Grant Management Director

Where I’m from: Hartland, Maine. I’ve lived in Clarks Summit, PA, Chattanooga, TN, Fremont, NE, and now I live in Sedalia, CO.

Things I enjoy: Playing disc golf, practicing canine massage therapy, being outside and encountering wildlife… and playing Super Mario Bros. on our old school Super Nintendo. Also, cooking.

Something interesting about me: I’m a certified Canine Massage Therapist who also has a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, and I’m a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Why I love working with NPM: Nonprofit organizations have someone else’s best interest at heart, and I love being a part of making the world a better place.

Nonprofits I support: The Rescue Ranch, FurEver Home, Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee.

Samantha Ernest, Senior Grant Manager

Where I’m from: Morgan Hill, CA and Wheaton, IL

Things I enjoy: Sushi, hiking, travelling, and art

Something interesting about me: I’m a Historical Fashions Amateur.

Why I love working with NPM: Every client we help represents so many more people we have helped. Plus, our team is awesome.

Nonprofits I support: Buyumba Uganda, Charity:Water, Westgate Water

Kathi Gross, Client Manager

Where I’m from: Lynnville, Iowa

Things I enjoy: Reading, teaching, learning new stuff, and spending time outside, especially hiking mountains (have to leave my state to do that!)

Something interesting about me: I homeschooled three kids from K-12!

Why I love working with NPM: Because their cause is my cause; helping nonprofits to grow and thrive which in turn helps my fellow humans. Love having the freedom to use my gifts and talents in my job – so fun!

Nonprofits I support: Christian Jew Foundation, World Magazine, Water at Work

Bethany Lin, Grant Manager

Where I’m from: New Jersey

Things I enjoy: Singing and playing the piano, handmade art, Southern food, and team sports

Something interesting about me: I am studying to be an occupational therapist.

Why I love working with NPM: I enjoy empowering and serving people in need. The NPM team has also taught me about ways different people can work well together and support each other.

Nonprofits I support: Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center

Ashley Robinson, Grant Manager

Where I’m from: Southern California.

Things I enjoy: I love spending time with my husband and daughter, reading, cleaning/organizing, and being crafty.

Something interesting about me: I love to sing and was in a madrigal ensemble in high school.

Why I love working with NPM: I am passionate about nonprofit organizations and the work they do to serve local, national, and global communities, and I feel so grateful to be able to help them reach their goals.  

Nonprofits I support: Orange County Ronald McDonald House, Mercy for Animals, and Planned Parenthood.

Donna Yearyean, Client Coordinator

Where I’m from: Southern California

Things I enjoy: Baking, sunsets, funny memes/GIFs, “knee-slapper” jokes/puns

Something interesting about me: I love training in mixed martial arts!

Why I love working with NPM: It’s easy to forget that the world is filled with caring people who devote themselves to making a difference. Working for NPM has reminded me of this! I also love the passionate, kind hearts of my NPM colleagues.

Nonprofits I support: Feed My Starving Children, LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, To Write Love on Her Arms