Veritas Google Grant Case Study

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Project Description

Veritas Expands Online

“Nonprofit Megaphone has been tenacious, reliable and effective in helping increase traffic to our website using free google ads. [The team] is always accessible and responsive, proving to be valuable and enjoyable partner and providing an excellent return on our investment.”

Michele Ruby
VP of Development

Key Stats

Daily New Website Visitors
Monthly Ad Impressions
Click Through Rate

Discussing Life’s Big Questions

The Veritas Forum exists to bring together widely varying perspectives on life’s biggest questions. Having just launched a new website, Veritas worked with Nonprofit Megaphone to create a series of campaigns targeted to people searching for various thinkers online. The ads directed visitors to a page on the Veritas website hosting videos of that individual’s talks, delivering highly relevant content.

At Nonprofit Megaphone, we enjoy working with clients in an agile manner, and pride ourselves in being able to quickly respond to requests. When a major event spiked the number of people searching for a certain intellectual, we acted quickly to create a campaign and shift budget to keywords associated with that person’s name. After the buzz died down we re-allocated the funds, but had captured valuable new visitors.

Trueface Google Grant Results

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