Trueface Google Grant Case Study

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Project Description

Trueface Reaches Thousands

“We have experienced a highly effective campaign during our short time working with this team. They have the spirit of a teacher and professionalism that instills confidence.”

David Pinkerton
Communications Director

Key Stats

Daily New Website Visitors
Monthly Ad Impressions
Click Through Rate

Promoting Courses and Launching Books

Trueface’s mission is building and restoring trust in leaders. The organization accomplishes this goal by helping leaders (whether they are parents, executives, pastors, or play any other role) experience the true power of what God’s grace means for their leadership.

When Trueface launched a new book to help parents, Nonprofit Megaphone and the Google Grant played a key role in generating exposure. By creating campaigns targeted specifically to parents, we sent thousands of people directly to the book’s launch page on the Trueface website. Our goal is always helping our clients thrive, and so we also provided free advice on their landing page and strategy for the book launch.

Trueface Google Grant Results

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